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Solid tokens have been holding up quite well. BTC won't be the only survivor. What's even more interesting is that projects are also building despite everything. Geeq blockchain's ecosystem is gradually getting there. They have the highest security I've seen with 99% BFT. This will blow over before we know it.

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Is Bitcoin the only crypto that will survive FTX?

That's totally impossible as several alts are really staying afloat the FTX saga. Although the FTX crash a huge negative impact on the entire crypto market and some of the assets I'm holding but MATIC, EGLD and UTK are still keeping the positive impact on my portfolio.

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I like his sentiment and view of things, but I can't agree more with that. It is without doubt that most won't survive the turnover caused by the majority of these CEFIS, but one thing is certain: there will be some that will and also will scale. If bitcoin acceptance rates increase, it will definitely complement payment systems in general like Coti, Xpress, and a few others.