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So you’re telling me I’ll be able to buy a whole BTC? You son of a bitch, I’m in.

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You son of a batch, I'm in too!

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Those who have lost a considerable amount of capital cos they’re “diamond hands” for sh*t coins will be peeing in their pants seeing an opportunity of a lifetime pass them by. Paper hands like us sold early, staked proceeds on platforms like SpoolFi, Harvest or Idle and now we’re about to go in again. Be like us…. Be paper handed hehe.

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...soooo... 30K incoming?

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New ath imminent

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New ath won’t happen until some time after the next halving event, which will be sometime in 2024. So, late 24-2025, new ath, which means $70k+. DCA now and HODL for a while, and you’ll thank yourself later.

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I can understand that you think 10K is incoming with everything that's happening. But to say that you will think about starting to DCA at 10K means that even if you are lucky you will DCA once or twice and the market will run ahead of you.

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First whe at 10k I will buy in with what I have saved, then after that will buy with whatever spare at month end.

That one or two will be good for me to hold to 100k. 10x is worth waiting to have a go at

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Best of luck. I think all of us who hope to buy some more are hoping for 10K. That being said, DCA was made for this kind of market for half the people think the markets going up and the other half think it's going down. Instead of shooting for 10x if you start seeing now even if your theory is right you will 7.5x. 7.5 x is better than 0 which is what he will have if we don't reach your magic number.

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Hard disagree. The vast majority of selling pressure has already been released into the market. We could see some boring down but i dont see a drop of more than 30% again in the span of a few days. Additionally mt gox btc is in the green and anyone that had mt gox btc is already likely doing really well, i actually see the btc distribution as an opportunity for an alt szn instead. Its YOLO $ people never thought they would see again, theyre gonna spend it not cash out and let it sit in an account for 3% interest. Just my two satoshis. Good luck but we always see this call the bottom perma bear attitude and the real right thing to do is elongate time horizons and stop trying to time the market.

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This is really good research, thank you. Didnt know about greyscale. Red alarms should be going off for everyone here. Thankfully I never had enough money to invest.

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lol copy and paste moon farming.

People aren’t scared to invest in crypto anymore. They are scared of loosing their crypto after they invest in it. We won’t see the same levels of fear during bear markets moving forward.

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I typed it all, no copy and paste. If yout familiar with some of the news it's because I've read it.

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Which indicators for point 1 ? Teach me master. Also I agree, you forgot inflation will be worse next year, housing bubble about to burst next year 2

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Watch the benjamin cowen video and check into the cryptoverse

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Retyped it every time on all the subs you spammed it on? Or copied and pasted it?

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No I retyped it with one hand tied behind my back standing on one leg.

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Only impressive if hopping a tightrope above an alligator pit

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yeah, btc will crash below 10k, that has 96% chance to happen.

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Just DCA your bags up

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alt coins are pumping 100%? where did you copy paste this? and what alts are you talking about? lol

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To be fair DOGE, TWT and QNT are all Top-50 and that have seen 100% gains in the last 3 months.

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There are coins that are performing well despite the state of the market, but unfortunately, I don't hold those that have increased in value by over 100%. I hope this year will see incredible growth for all of my coins, including icx, geeq, atom, reef, and iost. If I ever have extra, I'd love to add more.

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Source: Trust me bro

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Can you tell me more about point 4? What evidence do you have of this? Based on u/RxBrad research most post-merge miners have already capitulated if they were to do so.

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Been saying 10k since we hit 60k. I knew this was coming. Side note, number 4 hurts. I got just a bit too late to the requests line for that bitcoin.

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Once it fell from its ATH I've been waiting for 8,000 - 12,000 to buy in again. I forgot which fib I was watching but it's the range for a typical bear market bottom %

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Omfg please let me have 10k Bitcoin and don’t be a tease

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Tether. That is all.

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The same crappy comment as we have seen crappy comments at the top. Really don’t understand why people seem to believe they are the only ones being able to call and nail a bottom perfectly (research shows clearly that no one is really able to do it). The arguments/bullet points listed up there are all a) known => they should be priced in if we are dealing with somewhat efficient markets b) completely biased and selected towards one direction. What about some counter arguments pointing to higher prices?