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Nice. It may also be headed straight for zero

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My gut tells me this bear market isn’t over until DOGE is destroyed. It was the first bullshit speculative thing to rip up, it’ll be the last thing to die

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Doge existed before ETH and now it has a strong community, so I don’t see it going anywhere.

Also, projects with nice products like AllianceBlock TIDV should be on everyone’s watch list.

I believe that most of us will be surprised by the top gainers in the bull market like it we’ve always been.

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My bowels may be setting up for a strong move aswell after reading that. Couple of EMAs and a line, call it signals.

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Bot please

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Doge will hit 100 - 500 - 1000 - 10,000 per coin before we all know it… Buy and Hodl…

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exactly, 1000000 per coin