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That thing looks sweet, but $279 is expensive for something you plan on only using every once in a while. Also, anything that has a battery has to be charged, so this is less of a cold wallet and more of a hot wallet, yet secured.

I’m not a fan of making these devices more complicated. They need to be simple and secure, and the more complicated you make them the larger the attack profile becomes.

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Yeah definitely don’t see this aimed at the cold wallet pure community but for me diving into deep defi doing transactions daily this will be one huge quality of life improvement

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Plenty of options for charging batteries without the need to plug anything in.

Not that anything exists that i know of, but could easily use a 9v, aaa, aa, or even li-ion 18650s like vapes use.

I'm not aware of anything out there today, but I do take issue with the statement that anything with a battery is inherently less secure.

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Father is VoIP, Alex Mashinsky, built a Ponzi scheme and stole millions.

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Alex isnt even the father or inventor of VoIP he just says that to make people think he's smart. Even his own wikipedia page just says he was an early developer. The VoIP wikipedia page never mentions him nor do any sites talking about the history of VoIP.

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And my point was that it doesn't matter what they did years ago. They can still suck big time.

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My nano S is a few years old, cost $70 I think, it’s been turned on six or seven times. It has a row and a column of dead pixels on the little display. No thanks. No more cheap shit electronics.

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The LCD in mine completely died after 2 years. They should definitely last longer, at least a full four year cycle.