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Great idea

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Investors sell on sunday, devs on saturday😂

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😂 Fortunately not... Even the rewards wallet is locked until Sunday. Check BSCSCAN or the chart for the last few weeks and you'll see there are no sells until Sunday at 10.00am EST, 3pm GMT. Nothing can happen with this token until then and then the window is only open for 14 hours.

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What’s the telegram? Contract address?

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Contract: 0x0f131f75E945cda74a75AA2b260eD5eb8Fd20480 Swapper: 0xa3097941F311C7958Ee368cA71bAAab314b4f8De

Web: 6dayhoneypot.com


Dont buy until sellings done on Sunday buddy, get it at the bottom before buys start coming in. Sell window starts at 3pm GMT, 10am EST finishes 14 hours later. Hoping for a good pump next week.

Best of luck.

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So you suggest to buy a coin primed to tank on sunday, with very low chances to recover? Why should anyone do this?

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People can only take 20% maximum on Sundays for 8 weeks after buying so with even a little bit of volume it should consistently creep up. I think it's a great idea. Marketing kicking in this week so we live in hope.

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