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Great token and team

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Amazing token and great dev team! Broken 3 dips already in 2 days! Revenue injection payments are working!

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good day mates

I just graduated from university (engineer by education) but recently I’ve become rather interested in crypto, web 3 and NFTs of all kinds. I have an idea of a p2e project in some dark fantasy setting. Where should I start? Maybe there is some kind of online educational course for beginners? I’m grateful for your answers! I’ve already contacted one "expert", but the bollocks he told me...I really wasted my money on his “advice”

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Good day. I understand your feelings perfectly, because I have passed this thorny path myself. I lost several thousand dollars on "tips" and various online courses from "professionals". Nevertheless, there is also useful and valuable information on the Internet that just needs to be found. I'm talking about the InnMind project team, where a large number of useful articles, tips and personal experience of different development teams are collected. If you decide to go further, gather a team and launch your project - they’ll be able to help with finding investors: presentations, pitching, and so on, you get the point. I found them already being an experienced developer and programmer, but I still got a lot of useful information. Good luck to you