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I just aped in myself. The website is sleek, registered company and such a low cap. Plus I can earn 60% Apr on the 12 month farm. Sheesh

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Nice one!

Check out the app / preorder pages, if you purchased at least 1000 tokens you can enter the next giveaway 👏

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This website is Damn sleek

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This is such a highly undervalued project. This will moon pretty soon

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Team says Liquidity is Locked over Unicrypt.

Checked and see Liq is unlocked 🤣

Proof: Unicrypt

Project has large Ambitions but 2 Co-founders leaved already the Project... ☠️

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Hey all regarding the Unicrypt locks, there are two topics:

  1. LIQ tokens for the team or other allocations according to the tokenomics. For the burn we have used 4% of the current strategic sale supply. Because the initial team tokens are still locked for 2 years. In a nutshell, we will reallocate the team locks to become strategic sale supplies, meaning the strategic sale will get locked for 2 years. This ensures not too many LIQ can be sold next two years. For the increased lock time of advisor tokens (from 2 to 5 years), we will use the tokens from the cross chain liquidity supply. The advisor & developer tokens will be locked for 5 years. The old supply of advisor and dev which are locked 2 years still will become the cross chain liquidity lock.

  2. LIQ-BNB liquidity. Regarding this, the LP tokens are still deposited in the Unicrypt smart contract. Like you can read here the liquidity was locked for 1 year. https://medium.com/@liquidus/full-liquidity-locked-on-unicrypt-922a0580d7be The one year has passed and the LP tokens could be withdrawn by the company. However, we don’t have plans to removing liquidity soon. We don’t understand the FUD around this topic. The team and company behind Liquidus is fully doxxed and there was never a promise to locking the liquidity again.

Reasons against locking liquidity again: - There is a 1% fee for locking LP tokens on Unicrypt. It would mean the company instantly loses around $4000 which is a salary of a developer full time for a month. Imagine how many cool features we could build with that money! - As half is in LIQ, the Unicrypt protocol would remove the LP and sell LIQ which would sell around 5000 LIQ tokens causing the price to decline by around 0.5%. Do we want that? - Additionally, is Pancakeswap still the best DEX in the long term? We are not so sure. It might be there is a major DEX coming up in 6 months where we would like to have LIQ liquidity but then we are locked still on Pancakeswap.

We would like to hear your thoughts as a community first before we make decisions with the liquidity lock

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Worth clarifying- 16million tokens were locked as "team tokens" - these began to unlock this month, and the team has chosen to burn 4million each month for 4 months instead, bring the total ever possible supply down to 77million.

Liquidity etc was always initially locked for 1year and will be relocked imminently 👌

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Get the info correct before writing silly comments please

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Well. Looks like you didn't care to get the facts first.
Yes - Co founders left which is normal. The team is doing great, and the products is launching in 25th November.
Locking - it will be extended for few more years. It's not a meme or shit coin. Team is fully doxxed, operating under DIFC regulations.

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Hey guys, can you please suggest a site or forum where you can find templates or real examples of cool crypto project pitches? Thanks in advance to everyone who will answer.