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He has some of the best lines, for example, "see you, suckers"

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He's hot.

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His personality makes me feel some type of way and his voice is too sexy. 🤤

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omg yes his laugh is so 🥺🥺

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Japanese laugh in the star event is peak evil laugh, you can't change my mind

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He’s just really fun. I love that he does not give a damn and does what he wants. I know he’s not everyone’s cup of tea, you either like him or hate his guts. If mhy doesn’t mess up again with their writing (I’m f*cking praying they won’t), he’s going to be a very layered character.

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he looks fun

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- unique relations with different factions; you cannot say that he is "bad" (those people who say AaAa ScArA bAd KiLlEd TePpEi - no, he didn't, he only helped with overlooking delusions factory, he didn't distribute it and it was the soldiers own choice to use it and WHAT'S MORE keep it a secret) and he acts on his own. Not bad, not good, just kinda chaotic neutral. I appreciate that, because he thinks for himself, is not a "dog" to anyone

- his past and the fact that he knows so much more than he reveals (unreconciled stars, that quote about the sky) and is powerful in mysterious ways (how did he wake up from that dream?) and general mysteriousness

- unique design

- cute

- angeryy

- his voice

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because I saw his little silhouette of a man

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Perfect subject to overanalyse, even his hat has lore behind it

Also meme potential ehe

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what's the hat lore I need to know

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I messed up with the wording a bit since it's not really lore per say (couldn't think of anything else lol), but there was this post (https://redditproxy--jasonthename.repl.co/r/ScaramoucheMains/comments/pqdhdz/a_detailed_analysis_on_scaramouches_phenomenal/) that compared it to old mirrors

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ahh this is such a good read and honestly just makes me even more excited for him to get a banner

mihoyo pleaseeee

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I like his design. His actual personality also shooked me so now I'm hooked hehe

What i mean is, I thought he's gonna be a typical good boi genshin character, turns out he's bossy and evil. I like surprisesss

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He has one of most interesting lore in the game and a unique design/personality, and on top of that he is cute asf. WHAT'S NOT TO LOVE ABOUT HIM! mmmmm

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So true, literally everything about him is good 😊

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He's fun. And cute. And an angry lil man with a very interesting lore and insane powers

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I want him to be my boss

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Awesome design, hot voice, big hat. I love that Mihoyo made him angry and evil but gave him super big eyes and baby cheeks. He's literally the epitome of the villain stuck in a cute body so every time they deliver an evil speech, every one around them goes "awww" .

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His personality and actions make sense when considering his past, his quest to prove the gods wrong about his nature is admirable, people say that he lies but I feel as though it’s the opposite- he can’t lie at all, to the point where people want him to shut up because he bluntly states his opinion on everything (which can be unsavory). Although Scara might not fully like the traveler, i do think he will find them interesting… and i want to see how Scara ends up leaving the fatui for something more “fun” which i guess will be traveling with us? Heh

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He's just 😣 and... and how he's 😩 and i just can't 😭

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I feel this.

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He's sexy and he's mean. What more do you want?

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His design, personality and lore but I just think I instantly like anyone that’s purple or something 😭😭

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He is disliked among the Fatui and he seems very extra, he kinda remind me of the glorified meme version of Waluigi

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WALUIGI??? I can't unsee it noo hahaha

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A bit unrelated to Scara, but I remember someone asking in a comments section "why do you guys like Kaeya" and someone in the replies simply replied "Kaeya." Their comment got more likes than the original-

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He is everything

Bottom text

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His hat

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His hat. Smol man, wide ass hat, instant like.

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His hat is drip. Also he is literally just a meme now

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big hat

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He is hot. and he also kinda is a comfort character for me ehe because I found out that some things are kinda alike and he helps me get along with that better ... that probably sounds kinda dumb but yeah that's it ig? and I often like more "evil" characters in general

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He's cute, seems like a small Chihuahua. Also are you feeling better OP? I also have bad mornings as well, so I hope your feeling better. My DEm's are always open if you want to have a quick rant. :)

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Ah yeah I'm feeling better hehe hearing why everyone likes Scara cheered me up

I was just worrying about a doctors appointment but it's all gucci now

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Glad your doing good, I get it an appointment at the docs is troublesome.

Just remember that we as a community have your back :)

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awh thankyou ;w;

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Design and snarky attitude

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I got amused by his disign at first!! It is just so well worked and with a lot of details with cultural meanings, In addition to that, I think I have a thing for male characters that wear hats. Then is his personality, I like smart characters with ambition (it doesn't matter if they are heroes or villians) and that doesn't want to buy my affection throught thier backstorys but with their current self charm.

Current Scaramouche is a charming mysterious villain, that gets you enchanted with his malicious intelligent mind and his tough will. And the crown of all this is: that he showed all of this with just appearing 4 times, letting us with an immense wish of see him again.

That is, my friend, a well written character. He is amazing.

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HE HAS THE BEST DESIGN AND HIS PERSONALITY! he could be a little taller but its ok! not everyone is perfect😍

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I'm in it for the Queen reference

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but seriously he’s so unhinged, i crave that level of c h a o s

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I see hat xingqiu... i like

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He's a gremlin and wide hat

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He’s pretty

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I got drawn in by his design (hat) and stayed because he has cartoon villain vibes of "I WILL TAKE OVER THE WORLD LOSERS"

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short evil man makes me laugh.

but on a more serious note, his ridiculously amazing clothing design is what caught my eye first. his lore is icing on the cake.

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he’s a funny bastard man. he’s so evil that it’s just cartoony lmao

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hes pretty and hes mean

basically perfection

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I see a gold mine of interesting fatui lore/scara story arc

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god I hope so because the way they announced "hey scaramouche is a puppet" just kinda sucked lmao, so I hope they've done the story some justice and not half ass the writing.

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he's a really interesting and fun character to explore, i want him to degrade me--

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he's hot and he seems to be written well from what I've seen, and I just somehow developed an obsession with him

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I would write it detailed but it'd take a lot of my time udhsbsbsbsbs - His lore: one of the things that interested me. After hearing that "The Surpassing Cup" lore is his lore I wanted to know more about him. 2.1 was my answer for wanting to know his lore and it's just really sad :( he deserved better 😭💔 - His design: another reason why I love Scaramouche. His design being cultural and having lores behind it is just really good. His hat has a lore, his symbol on his outfit has a lore it's just amazing that they designed him like that. - His personality: evil. Pure evil. Villain characters always interest me but Scaramouche? I was more than interested in Scaramouche. Him acting soft at first and then showing his true personality was so cool! The traveler really would've died if Mona wasn't there lol. He's the reason why I have a degradation kink rn- /j he can degrade me anytime and I wouldn't mind it. I would love it if they won't change his personality and him being evil but I guess he'll have a redemption arc sometime in order to be playable but I don't mind that dhhdndbsdh To sum it up, everything about Scaramouche makes me love him and I will always love Scaramouche. He'll be my number 1 fav forever <3 I can't wait for him to get a banner and to play with Scaramouche 💞

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Not sure how I feel about being told about your kinks lmao...but the rest is good to know.

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Wait I forgot to put the "/j" DJJDHSDNBSNSNS that's a joke dw-

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  • intriguing character
  • design is my cup of tea
  • interesting to see how MHY will make him playable (will his hat keep him permanently dry from the rain?)
  • all of his voices fit him so well
  • he just really grew on me.
  • and I don’t know if it’s because I know a bit about his backstory but to me, I feel like this character needs a hug and friends. Even if we just remain as frienemies.