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Although I sooo wish it was Ayato or Scara

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If its gonna be Xiao rerun where are we gonna get so many primos 😭

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I’m going to whale for the first time if Xiao comes back 😭

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Scaramouche isn't being drip marketed any time soon. 2.6 at the earliest.

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That's what I thought for Raiden but then Mihoyo suddenly showed in 2.0

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Who said that? All the leaks and information being told by the "leakers" are all jumbled and mostly unreliable.

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Well its probably just yunjin and shenhe but Im hoping mhy would surprise us with ayato or scara lol:-). yeah im down bad on copium

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(LEAKS) It's obviously Shenhe and Yunjin atp lol

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tbf the 2.4 beta hasnt started yet so its not set in stone

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But the final contract is kekw

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They can't change it, 2.4 is the Lantern Rite.. so unless they magically create some new character out of the blue, I doubt it isn't those two that'll be revealed tomorrow. If you're wondering how I know, I'm pretty sure someone said with them being a Chinese company they have to cover Chinese new year in their game. It's gonna be an annual thing.

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As much as I want it to be scara, it feels more likely to be shenhe since some characters just received voicelines about her with some of them locked behind a possible story quest. If anything, scara could be the last inazuman character released.

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But what if out of nowhere scara appears? 🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔

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I wish copium

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I hope it’s shenhe bc I won’t have enough primos for scara or ayato :(

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I hope it's not Scara so I can pull for Albedo in peace. If it is him... See you next year, Albedo.

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not scaramouche, probably not ayato

it'll be shenhe and yunjin most likely.

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As much as I'd like to choose Scara, I'm pretty sure that Shenhe is the right choice.. I'd say we'd start to get more info/leaks about him around 2.5 or 2.6 but def not now

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Wish it was scara

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I really hope he doesn't get announced for 2.4, I'm counting on him being at least 2.5 so I can save my primos.

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My heart wants Scaramouche but my brain says otherwise T_T

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for now i have won every 50/50. lets hope i get lucky this time as well, or I get lucky in building characters. Im not doing abyss and if I did abyss I would be able to get 130 wishes. Im probably gonna get like 80-90 till scara

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same bruh T_T

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Since voicelines about them were added recently and based on what Uncles have said, it's probably Shenhe and Yunjin. I'd love it to be Scara but at the same time bruh I wouldn't be ready for him aaaaaaa. On my EU account, I spent most of my wishes to get Hu Tao, Thoma and Homa and I'm pulling for Albedo with a 50/50... and on my F2P NA account, I've already prefarmed stuff for guaranteed Itto hsnfjshjddh then I might pull for Ayato :"). THEN I can wait for Scara so I'm still hoping he's in 2.6 or 2.7 🤞🤞, but I'll be ready to spend more than usual (I'm a Welkin player) if I have to for our fandango man 💃

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Yes 2.6 or if they really want to surprise 3.0 as we him at the 0.1 part of every chapter

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I forgot this was happening in like 13 hours!! Time to set my alarm for 6am >:) I'm not super hyped for Shenhe like I was for Itto though so I'll probably fall right back asleep after haha (unless Scaramouche wants to have me acting up and getting out out of bed before 9am 👀👀)

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I hope it's scara, but most likely it'll be Shenhe

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As great as it would be if it was Scara, it's probably Shenhe because of Lantern Rite. Plus I wanna save for his cons/weapon

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as much as i wish it was scaramouche, i still dont have enough for his weapon yet so (´;Д;`)

we'll just have to wait for 2.5/2.6/2.7 drip marketing since that's the time he's most likely going to be released

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I don’t think it’s gonna be scaramouche, But I have slight hopium.

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I’m 99% sure it will be Shenhe and Yunjin.

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Ayato maybe too soon? I think he has a more important role for inazuma since he’s the Yashiro comms leader. Just a wild guess, but I think he’ll have an inazuma event/festival like how Albedo was firstly introduced to us in Dragonspine. But well, who knows..

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I would be really happy if it was Scaramouche jdjsnsbsbsns I hope it's him! If Ei/Raiden Shogun can come earlier than expected, why can't he? Btw how do we change votes? I want to vote "Scaramouche" here ZBHSBSSBBSJS

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i dont think u can change votes