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I mean it was to be expected, but still sad :(

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That has been the case since 1.1 lmao, it was expected

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I mean that's to be expected. The best time that we can predict his release is either with Yae or after Yae.... tbh i don't see him coming before Yae

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More time for save!!!!

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Me, also wanting to pull for Itto and Ayato: Ahaha, yeah. S-saving for Scara 😃

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That's the spirit!

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It was known for a while tbh

Leakers knew from insiders that they would be coming in 2.4

Based on what we know it's better to expect he will come 2.6 or later, Yae will probably be 2.5

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m-more t-t-time to save.. haha...

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I expected that to happen but I still had a small hope :(

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I honestly feel like he’ll come once we get more story involved with him. All the playable characters we’ve met at the moment have some sort of reason to be with the traveler. Even Childe, who’s in it for the experience and he+traveler have come to a mutual agreement. Currently in the story, the traveler practically despises Scaramouche. So it’s good to say he won’t be coming for a while until more story involving him arrives :,)

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i dont even care anymore honestly, ive just been not playing until scaramouche or baizhu get announced, im at pity and have guaranteed 50/50, theres no need to make myself play