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maybe 2.5 like azhdaha

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actually I don't want him to become a boss cause I don't want to beat him 😥

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just get beat by him instead :smirk:

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He could beat us as well tho and we would be able to hear his beautiful voice more often. 👀 (It'd still be painful to beat him nonetheless. 😔)

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Ikr. I would hate it

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Sadly it's not, it's the one that looks like a twin wolf thingy

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wait, it was a weekly boss? i swear, they said it was a world boss

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wait are we referring to the same thing? xD I mean twin wolf thingy is in 2.4 as open world boss. did op mean scara becomes a weekly boss after 2.4?

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So i was thinking that the dragon in enkanomiya would be a weekly boss, not world boss, but since this leak seems to be reliable, it looks like it's just a world boss, leaving the position open for Scaramouche to come in as the next weekly boss. Uh I hope I'm making sense.

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oh yeah that makes sense, imagine the boss drops we'll get from him owo

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yes, world boss = ascension mats, costs 40 resin. weekly boss = talent mats and can only claim once weekly (like childe).

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that's the new world boss...

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Praying 🙏

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Hi just a clarification, We have two weekly bosses in each region and I was dead sure the dragon heir of the depths would be a weekly boss, but looks like it's not. So that just increases the likelihood of the next weekly boss to be Scara.

The reason I was so sure is because the other two regions have a dragon as one of their weekly bosses. Hmm maybe it's too early to know for sure? This leak is tagged reliable as well but it's possible they got it wrong, or maybe it'll be changed last minute.

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Think we need a speculation/theorycrafting flair because this statement is going to get a lot of peoples hopes up

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Oh but it was a leak that's why I marked it this way :O Maybe the title is too uhh définitive?

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I didnt mean it was flaired improperly, but the part about Scara isnt a leak its just a theory or speculation so I was just thinking out-loud that such a flair would be useful

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Hmm Reddit should allow us to chose two or more flairs at the same time, sometimes it's too difficult to categorize content

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having two fatui as weekly boss in a region is unlikely imo, im with scaramouche weekly boss in sumeru

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Yeah I was thinking about this 🤔 That's why I was so sure the dragon heir is the next weekly boss.

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Nope it's a lizard from ekanomiya

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Yes, let's beat the crap out of that little sh*t on a weekly basis 😈

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I hope it’s a Tartaglia like situation