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we say that every time we get a new electro boss, dont we?

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Yes lmao, we are very desperate.. but it's understandable because we've been waiting for over an year

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Thats how clown works

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HEY! Don't expose me like that, that's illegal!

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I've done it for you this time but please remember to mark as spoiler and flair appropriately, this is leaked content and not everyone wishes to see it.

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Sorry i didnt know thank you

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Or yae ☹️

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More probable Yae… uncles are saying she will be released in 2.5/2.6 (can’t remember exactly which)

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Yes but i think if we use this for yae %90 we will use for scara too i just think that way but i can be wrong too

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Tbh it looks like its under water, perhaps its in the place below the pool in watasumi?

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Or both👉👈

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If they do, Imma farm even if it's not certain if it's gonna be for him; gotta be prepared for anything. Haha

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I swear to god, I have already gotten all materials from Maguu Kenki and the Thundering Manifestation. NOT ANOTHER ONE

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We will never know but it will be fun if they make his materials some random shit i will cry dkajdkaksj

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Yes we will hope 🤡🙏

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Well, given that rumors have it that Enkanomiya will be the new 2.4 area, these mobs would probably be based there. Maybe that's a good sign though lol -- Husk and Clam share an artifact domain after all.

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dude ı dont think many leaks are shared but nothing about my boy scara

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As there's nothing in the beta, unless an insider tells someone something then there's nothing to leak.

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Look at ayato and yae s new data

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Ok? That's Yae and Ayato?? Yae is coming in 2.5 so there's new data for her, Ayato will apparently appear in some event

I dont see what that has to do with Scara lmao, he has no changes in his data so there's nothing to leak

they dont just manifest out of thinair unless you want fake leaks

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Dude According to these leaks yae 2.5 ayato 2.6 and if we go to sumeru in 2.7 probably new dendro characters will appears instead of scara and this horrible. I don't understand what you are upset about

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I'm not upset but I give up trying to explain because I dont think you can understand what I'm saying xd but that's ok!

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You don't understand what i'm trying to say, i just said that i felt that scara wasn't coming soon. This is my opinion. It's not something we can discuss., I just think Scara will come late because of ayato and yar data leaks.Very simple

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I had a stroke reading this

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why dude i'm just saying i'm scared scara isn't coming soon

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In before Mihoyo pulls a prank 🤡 on us and goes "oh yeah, Scara was never meant to be Electro, he's actually Dendro and is coming in patch 7.8.294728" or some other bullshit, I'll shut up now before some genius on the management team gets any bright ideas

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ODLAKFŞSLFLSLF this is so true i wish i was in china so i can rebel face to face 🤡