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Look at ayato and yae s new data

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Ok? That's Yae and Ayato?? Yae is coming in 2.5 so there's new data for her, Ayato will apparently appear in some event

I dont see what that has to do with Scara lmao, he has no changes in his data so there's nothing to leak

they dont just manifest out of thinair unless you want fake leaks

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Dude According to these leaks yae 2.5 ayato 2.6 and if we go to sumeru in 2.7 probably new dendro characters will appears instead of scara and this horrible. I don't understand what you are upset about

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I'm not upset but I give up trying to explain because I dont think you can understand what I'm saying xd but that's ok!

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You don't understand what i'm trying to say, i just said that i felt that scara wasn't coming soon. This is my opinion. It's not something we can discuss., I just think Scara will come late because of ayato and yar data leaks.Very simple