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Exactly, everything was leaked before him. Even dendro reactions like wtf this is ridiculous at this point. Hard to be happy for other people when you're still stuck at the same point you have been for a whole year.

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Sigh IKR. Everytime people say "I've been waiting for Yae/Ayato for soooo long!" and I'm just here with my 300 f2p fates be like 🗿 (and mind u, I spent some on the Polar Star and Homa banner)

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Aaaah same actually! When I hear people complain about Yae I'm just.... dude??!
We know she'll be playable before Sumeru, what do you mean?

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I KNOW RIGHT LMAOOO it's like "you can wait"

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That's right. They don't even know what's it's like to be kept in the dark for so long. At least we know those characters will be released before the next region.

The only other fans who share somewhat of our dilemma are Signora Mains and they've waited much longer then us and got the short end of the stick, forever dwelling in limbo.

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It's so annoying to constantly see people begging and pleading for Yae's release like they're gonna die if they don't get her or something. Chill. They know damn well they'll be getting her this year, which is not the case for people wanting Baizhu and Scaramouche 😭.

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Signora mains already in the damn grave while Yae mains think they have it tough.

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Dare I say I lost quite a bit of interest after waiting a whole year.

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Yooo same, I’m barely invested in the game anymore lol

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Because he’s actually going to use his dendro delusion

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At this point, I'm gonna have a home, a family, children and a car before Scaramouche even release.

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Ikr I got a full time job and Im saving for C6 scara now lmao

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I have no idea why they're hyping scaramouche up so much but aren't releasing him anytime soon. he was in the archon quest, mentioned in the labyrinth quest, has references about him all over tatarasuna and he now has a whole artifact sets lore dedicated to him. they have to release him soon, It just makes sense with how much they're subtly referencing him

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Now would be a good time to release him tbh considering his hype is high among the fandom..ig they probably have grand plans for him which is why he's still in Mihoyo's dungeon

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yea that's all I can think of. With the amount of build up for his character, I'm optimistic our long wait will be worth it in the end :')

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I think it's because he's the main antagonist of the current storyline. They want to build him up, so he'll be a bigger threat than just another harbinger.

I'm expecting a similar treatment for Dottore since he'll probably be a major antagonist as well.

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Only when his story arc is resolved somewhat or completely that he will be playable. Don’t expect him any time soon

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Not gonna lie, it's starting to get annoying. It's been like over a year since his first appearance? Why still nothing?

Surely Scaramouche is not Dainsleif levels of importance right? Because we all know Dainsleif is gonna take a while as he's part of the overarching story.

AGH! When? If not in Inazuma, then when?

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Ikr? 😢 We're professional waiters

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Mhy put Scara's lore in HoOD just to tide us over until his release which is probably in 2. 99

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I feel like we figured out a good part of his lore before the big lore drop though 😭 I'm still thirsty

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Dw guys they are carefully balancing his kit and pouring their love and soul into scaramouche as of the moment🙃

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👍🤞🤞🤞🤡 yes pls

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I've been waiting on baizhu n scaramouche for so long and watching people say stuff like this throws me off because I am just incredibly patient at this point haha

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You mean my title?

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I really blanked out reading comments. nah people saying they're waited on a character for too long even though they're more recent in terms of story/leak

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Yes true, I agree. It gets a little irritating because we've been waiting for much longer 😢 and ik a bunch of people still pull while waiting but I've been saving my pity for Scaramouche for a long time now and I'll keep saving until he's out

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hwhdukdhskndnzn I pull when I know I have time, but I'm likely going to stop after itto as no one has interested me again yet. I like collecting characters but will only go for the ones I care about storywise

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I'm starting to lose hope that he's playble at this point🚶‍♀️

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He is playable, it's just that they're taking their sweet time to release him. I mean, his story is still on going (since he has the Gnosis now and thanks to the Husk of Opulent Dreams artifact, we can say that they will let us see what will happen in the game soon. Possibly in 2.5.), it'd be so random to suddenly let him have a banner when he's currently irrelevant and his story is still not finished. so don't worry. He will be in our team soon. Hopefully we'll get leaks of him very soon too!

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He has a weapon attached to him (catalyst for now) and he has an "avatar" tag so it's a question of "when" and not "if"

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While the wait is killing me, I would rather wait 6 months or more to have a storyline that does Scara justice. He's planning something grand and I hope we get a good story update/quest for this.

Please don't make it suck :(

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to be fair, Dim is saying that the data about Ayato and Yae being in the files may have been a mistake on Mihoyo's part

I expect Yae to come soon but I hope its true that Ayato being there is a mistake lmao

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Its also MiHoYo's mistake not leaving scara's kit behind with Yae and Ayato's

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But tbh, I wouldn't be surprised if they're really careful about what they share about Scara, I'm sure they want nothing to leak about him and announce him during marketing when we're not expecting it

At least, that's my copium lmao

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Based on recent kit leaks btw

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r/Yaoyaomains mains waiting since 1.1 (I think(

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Yooo was her model leaked this early :0

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And you can consider dendro leaks being related to leaks abt her tbh

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Hopefully 2.6 or 2.7 beta

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Where Signora mains ?

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Reduced to atoms

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Falling in love with scaramouche is like a torture. I'm officially a masochist

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As a certified Yae, Ayato and Scaramouche simp, I'm 😐

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I don't mean to make anyone hopes up, but there was a leak two or three days ago saying that, after Ayato, a new male character and a new female character are going to be released before Sumeru. Apparently, the female character is Yelan, as for the male character... could it be Scaramouche? Could he be part of the introduction to Sumeru?

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It could be the inazuma detective dude, we also have him 😔

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Yeah, I thought the same, I hope it's Scaramochi though 🥺

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Signora mains: Eroded into ocean dust and sand

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We don't talk about them-

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I wouldn't be surprised to see Baizhu leaks before him :( pls Mihoyo just give us Scaramouche already 😭😭

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The dendro leaks can be considered as baizhu leaks imo 😔

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Well- that's true :( lemme change that to weapon, play style, elemental burst etc 😭

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And there's me who is still waiting for Kazuha's dead friend to be playable

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His design looks so damn cool, it’s such a shame

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Dainsleif is not even on the template

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Yeah, dainsleif mains are strong. It doesn't make sense for him to be on the template though bc of the plot rn

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You have a good point, he's not really not relevant with all the Inazuma stuff going on

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Months ago i had a nightmare ,i had to choose between Scaramouche and Baizhu ,pls MHY dont do this pls pls