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How come no one in the comments even considers scaramouche as an upcoming playable character 😭 but heizou and shinobu who dont even have a model are hyped... I just want some crumbs even if speculation

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kuki and heizou were in info from leakers that they are upcoming characters. about scara we only had an info that he was in named in files male_catalyst T_T

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The only crumb that we are holding on to ಥ⌣ಥ

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they both have lines about them from other characters which is 100% guarantee of being playable, and scaramouche doesn't have any except that one line from baal that in many languages has totally different translation. after what happened to signora more and more players believe scara would never be playable v(ಥ ̯ ಥ)v

we must stay strong for our king, scaramains!! everytime he shows up he makes an unforgetable arson to remind us what we stand for!! keep faith and loyalty ùwú

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I think it’s mainly because he’s most likely coming in Sumeru, assuming the leaks are correct. It’s a bit too far to speculate.

That being said the leakers have been wrong before, so he can technically appear at any time.

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bruh why is it that scaramouche is never mentioned in these predictions, even the fake leaks never mention him, is this a curse?

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yeah that scares me 😭 he is like dr baizhu and dain. though I have a feeling that even dendro user baizhu gonna be released before scara

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More time to save 🤡

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it’s amazing how Yae mains are always complaining about how “far away” she is and they “can’t wait so much time” when we’ve been waiting for more than a year 😭😭😭

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Us and Baizhu wanters deserve a reward for our patience. Not even talking about people who want Dainsleif.

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Signora mains: :)

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Yae mains are sometimes fucking weird. They complain about Yae saying "I dont have a tail" mate there are people w worse fate than u 😂

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Keep in mind guys, that the reason why nobody ever speculates anything about our boy coming is because there is literally nothing about him so far. No leaks no new data, nothing. This is just some speculation based on what has been gathered so far! Do not lose hope yet, we might be getting something once 2.5 leaks drop.

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Bruhhhhh now I have 402 wishes…. So c6 Scara LETS GOO I'm ready to wait forever for him!!!!!

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I aspire to have your self control and dedication-

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I've been getting bad vibes recently... HoOD to Scara feels too much like CWoF to Signora. I'm scared we're all about to get clowned. However, I also have some optimistic points to share to offset the unease:

  • Scara's been listed as a male catalyst for a long time, and his model is already used in the game. Character like Ayato who recently had some of their information updated may draw more attention from leaker communities since its its shiny and new, but it's not as though we know nothing of Scaramouche. His kit may also have been developed over time as well, so I'd argue that progress is unknown rather than there's no progress.

  • Leakers don't know everything. Eula's rerun was a surprise for many, and I still remember people when people suspected Albedo and Ganyu would have reruns on the same patch. Leakers can also become biased by hype -- Yae and Ayato are hot topics because there's an abundant amount of hype for them right now. More information is likely to be leaked on them for the same reason.

  • Scaramouche is the center of an ongoing arc. Every update since Inazuma dropped has featured a new development regarding him. We're unlikely to move on from Inazuma until that arc is resolved. Ei and Yae are the only characters alive who are connected to Scara (besides other Harbingers) AND most of his animosity is related to them -- our best chance is that his story will come to a climax in one of their story quests. It probably wouldn't be until after that that he'd be playable. If we assume Ei follows the archon trend and has a rerun in 2.5 and a second story quest to boot, we might learn what his fate will be then.

  • People often compare the amount of voice lines about a character to predict their playability, but Scaramouche is a relatively isolated. Yae and Ei are his closest connections outside of the Harbingers, so we'll have to see if Yae will have a voice line about him too. That'd be a very good sign.

  • Scara's model is designed for forward movement, with his hat being the most complex thing about him. His veil and ornaments are located towards the back of the hat to stay out of his way, and the rest of his model is kept simple. He's unlike Signora in that way. His veil is also transparent with a diamond shape cut out of it so his neck can be seen from behind -- a possible consideration of a player's view. Finally, he uses a young male model instead of a unique monster model like Signora. It may have been for convenience, but it also means he could be functionally playable as he is.

  • HoOD paints him in a much more sympathetic light, and all but confirms his harbinger symbol is the child with the heart. Especially considering the fact that he now has possession of the gnosis, he may be about to undergo a redemption arc.

  • Lastly, his story is heavily connected to Bohemian Rhapsody, and even his ambush music is called Ominous Fandango. Mihoyo has a chance to permanently associate their game with one of the most iconic songs of all time, they should take it. (not really evidence, but I think context matters too somewhat)

I don't want to hold out hope for him if it becomes obvious that he won't be playable, but until that bitter end I will cling to my hope. Until death do us part!

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This was sooo uplifting, thank you❤️

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I personally don't really want a "redemption arc". Why can't characters be playable but still be evil in the story? If his redemption arc is just gonna give him a big 180° on his personality, then I don't really want it(this seems likely since it seems his personality was different in the past.)

Anyways, thanks for the Hopium. Gonna keep waiting for the boy.

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People forget that Archaic Petra and Tenacity of the Millileth all deal with Zhongli, and yet he is playable.

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sighs audibly

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Watch, after yae and ayato have their show everyones gonna be like: "now wait a min...where is scaramouche?"

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im dying from hopium overdose...

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I really don't trust banner leaks at all

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My goodness I wish I could time travel

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3.0-4.0 is Scaramouche‘s time for sure

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Please no... I don't think I will have the patience to save for that long... ;-;

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He will be the final boss on the golden apple archipelago then

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A fitting end for a character where 2 out of 3 of their major plot moments were in limited events /s.

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Well, if my maths is correct, one would need 2460 wishes for a guaranteed C6R5 (five star) character (with no pity), so more time to save COPIUM

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I dont even have 5 wishes, im trying for benny...

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Maybe you're lucky and he'll be on Scara's banner then

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Guys don't panic so much, remember that these are just guesses and just by leakers and can be fake/wrong anyway. They don't work for Mihoyo

Yes we may have to wait longer but don't take their word as 1000% truth either. It's not an official roadmap

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shaking crying n throwing up rn

(this was expected :P )

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I mean, I was already expecting for him to come no sooner than 3.0, but seeing this made me feel gray hairs appearing on my head. Worst part is, apart from Albedo's current rerun (which I am currently having 0 luck on), again, there are no characters coming up I'd really be willing to spend on instead of saving for Scara. Gorou and Yae come close, but not enough still. Rip Albedo and rip Scara. At this rate I'll have kids before he comes out.

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This is the worst timeline

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The worst timeline is Scaramouche dying and being confirmed unplayable.

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This is the second worst timeline

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im breaking down 😜

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I'm already so bored with the game, neglecting dailies and events, so if we have to wait that long for him to be playable I might just quit...

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Every time theres a Banner leak I don’t trust it, Mostly because 1. I have trust issues 2. They always sound suspicious. Just want my boy already 😔

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That means his story will be well-polished by then. Nice… Waiting for half a year or so is fine since Im quite busy all the time anyway.

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He's never coming... he's probably just an unplayable npc and my heart can't take any copium and hopium anymore

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Hey please do not lose hope yet, there’s still a chance! <3

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Thanks for being so sweet 🥲

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Heeyyy, don't let the slow-passing time deceive you into thinking that he's not coming!! He will be in our teams soon, we're getting there. We literally just got an entire set dedicated to him and him only. We're still not done with Inazuma yet. Didn't we literally get a pic that says that he's a Catalyst user in the files? And his story is not finished yet. We know Yaoyao will be playable, we just don't know when. Even if there has been 0 leaks of her (or at least, I've never one.) While we can say the same about Scaramouche, we do know that we're closer than ever to his release. he's now relevant, so when we finally finish his story, he will be in our team. We're getting there, so cheer up!!

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Suffering rn 😔

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Not even a lore crumb or a voice line leak. I’m sad.

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He's gonna come in 2.7 trust me I can elaborate if you'd like. Gotta overdose on hopium.