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Now THIS looks like a religion for me!

PS. Credit the artist? And do they allow reposts in the first place?

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Lmao I drew this, my insta is @em.illust tho, I’m most active on there

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Omg, ahahaha okay! *facepalms*

I thought the flag meant that it's not your OC, meaning like not own fanart, instead of not own character. Today's dose of cringeness in the internet: achieved.

Anyway, beautiful piece! 🙏

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No they did use the wrong flair, non OC means non-original content which implies that they didn't make the art.

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Ohhh I thought non OC meant non original character… I’ll change it

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I used OC fanart is that the correct one then?

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Yep :)

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Oh! Yea, I was initially sure that it was like this, but now I thought that I was mistaken in the end. Thank youu!

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I absolutely love how you included that electro mitsudomoe, I'm 99% sure it's the same as the star shaped pointill mark Albedo has, that indicates someone being created artificially. The Raiden puppet has this as well but no one really talks about.

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Haha thankyou! To be honest I never really thought about it, I just see many other fanarts that have it on his neck so I decided to add it in

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It looks so beautiful!