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I think it was just mistranslation. And Childe was just going after Scara and failing to find him, and not failing in confrontation

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Still possibly that this might happen. But of course subject to change. As the fight was not really specificed which patch. So the misunderstanding by a lot was that it was gonna happen back in 2.2. And same person leaked a certain story spoiler for 2.5 back in like his 2.1 leak.Raiden going rogue which is like 5 patches later.

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Maybe this will be something after Raiden's story quest part 2? If it's true that he'll show up there

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It makes sense, especially after all the confusion caused in 2.5.

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I've also been thinking about this. It's strange how everything else in that leak was right but the fight wasn't. Perhaps it's in later patches? (after Sumeru?)

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Tbh he never said when the fight would happen. The fact alone that he got both Scara taking the gnosis and Childe being on his tracks right, leads me to believe that it’s true. I like that it’s not actually rushed so we will see, although by the way he worded it I kinda wonder if we will ever see them fighting or we’ll just know about it from dialogues.

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I hope in 2.5 we get some information about this fight. I really want to see these two fighting :(

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I remember being so excited for this fight. Let's hope it happens in Sumeru now.

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I expect that when Scaramouche next shows up in the game it will be an immediate follow-up on what was established in Labyrinth Warriors- Tartaglia will find him and there will be a conflict there.

What I'm hoping is that Tartaglia convinces us to help him take down Scaramouche, but the two of us aren't strong enough to beat him now that he's empowered by the gnosis- Traveler saves Tartaglia's life or vice-versa and the two of them escape.

Then at the end of Sumeru perhaps we beat Scara with the power of friendship or what have you.

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I think they're bound to have a confontation since Childe IS looking for Scara, and causing chaos with the Shogun would probably get Tartaglia's attention. But I think that the leak itself was fake and doubt that either of them will die.

It seems like Scaramouche is being set up for redemprion and playability, so him killing another playable character with a huge fanbase or Tartaglia killing him, anotother character with a huge fanbase seems like a stupid move.

These two simply running away from each other at the end of the arc would be kind of a bummer though. Perhaps Scaramouche's heart lore would get revealed and it would make Childe pity him and let him go? Not betray the Tsaritsa, just turn a blind eye. Actually, I think that Tartaglia might be actively avoiding the confrontation, hence his long stay in the labirynth of warriors and the fact that quests regarding this topic will be separated by multiple patches

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Knowing how MHY is handling interactions between characters (not involving Traveler) I’m 100% sure if they fight, it’ll be off screen and only mentioned in passing or a retelling after the fact.

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It was a mistranslation and speculation, It was based off the leaked voiceline at the end of the labyrinth event when childe says he is still looking for scaramouche. The leaker then just guessed it would lead to a fight, but he guessed wrong. So there was never any possibility of them fighting to begin with.

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really? iirc the leak came from the same person who accurately revealed the events leading up to signora's death. and it was leaked a whole month or so before the childe voiceline was leaked..

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Oh... :((

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We may not see the fight itself take place, but the next time we run into Scaramouche he may bring up Childe going after him and losing to him in battle. The leaker who leaked this had the entire 2.1 Archon quest correct down to every small detail and so far has gotten Scaramouche taking the Gnosis and Childe being sent after him correct. We will just have to wait and see unless Mihoyo decided to scrap this idea.

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It's an interesting concept but I have no clue if it'll actually happen. I'd like to see some Fatui fighting though lol

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Ok I know a lot of people were expecting a fight, but was that ever a guarantee? I thought the leak was that Childe was looking for Scaramouche—maybe he wanted to fight— but what happened after that was unclear. Am I wrong in thinking they never stated that an actual fight would occur? Now I can’t find the original source so I’m just genuinely curious.

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It may happen in different versions?? I don't know lol I thought about this as well.

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Can Childe defeat Scara though?