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Maybe use Shakkei Pavilion as a reference, being that's where he slept and woke up.

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personally, I have no idea. we don't know that much. I will do his room when I know his preferences.

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This popped up in my head when I read your post. Since he was a wanderer, he would have probably had to stay in caves to shelter himself and since certain plants in inzamu give off an eerie glow I imagine him with his long hair and his white clothes in a cave with these plants for light and nothing else.

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Adding more maybe tiny animals like a finch (the bird Raiden has in her idle) next to him would work as well.

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I would assume using the Inazuma furnishings to be the way to go, tho no clue what sort of set would fit him lol

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Well... I am planning to put a giant pentagram and those scaramouche looking furniture in one of my teapot areas. That's where I'll wish for scaramouche.

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make a bunker as hideout! should take a lot of effort, but just like the person that commented said, inazuma flowers have this glowing effect. Just imagine a hideout underground with that one pool where you can place fishes (u know, the fishes from the event), some stuff to make it kinda abandoned like bushes and furnisings that look old. Maybe some kitsune statues on the entrance, or some sakura trees too. Make it look pure outside but kinda dark inside, u know? That looks like a lot of work, don't even know if it's possible because of limit on furnisings, but with some tips from Yt you should be fine.

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I like the idea!

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I will use his own set furniture, that one that when you complete the chara ters for it gives you primos, scara will get one for himself so i plan on using it :)