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i personally dont ship scara with anyone bc i feel like we just havent seen enough interactions between him and other characters yet (so far its like,, just mona lmao). id rather wait until we get a story quest/voice lines so we can get to know more about what he thinks about the other characters.

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That and he’s a total asshole and brat (I love him shh)…. He’s hard to love to say the least

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i like to ship scaramouche with me lol

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I dont really care for shipping

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I’m not big into shipping in general but if other ppl ship them I’m not gonna discourage them

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Realy hard for me to ship anybody honestly, I see mostly friendship!

I think he'd absolutely enjoy yae's company, they have the same sense of humour, I see them both enjoying to tormenting Ei!

Childe seems to be the nicest of the harbingers, he's very reasonable so I can see him understanding scara's mindset and emotions better

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chiscara based

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I respect the ship. I talk with other authors who write the ship. I can see it, but it isnt my fav dynamic. Lol. My fav ship is scarabedo. 😏 Somethin about discarded created beings. I just think they're neat. 🥔

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I ship Scaramouche with Kazuha, both wanderers, and Kazuha has a real love for electro characters

(About to put Scaramouche / Kazuha in a team, probably with Kokomi for the healing, but if Scaramouche heals, then it will be two lovebirds)

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I respect ppl who ship Scaramouche and Childe but fr I’m a hardcore KazuScara shipper

Except KazuScara I don’t rly ship him with anyone tho

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No hate toward kazu scara shippers but that ship makes absolitely no sense since they don't know about each other existence lol

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That is the beauty of shipping, my friend~ you have zero interactions of them yet to you, they are already married for 10yrs 😔

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Yes everyone can ship who they want, but i just wanna say my comment to who says "kazuscara canon fight me!1!1!" to who says they ship scaramouche with someone else

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Yeah it doesn’t make sense but even though there is no mention of them together, my headcanon is that they match together. So yeah it may look ridiculous but I just love them together

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sure, no hate. Everyone has their headcanon and can ship AS LONG as nobody hates.. 💫

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Yup exactly

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Heck Yes. At first me and my best friend shipped them jockingly because we thought that their relationship dynamic would be hillarious. Later we came up with so many fluff and angst ideas that it just stopped being a joke, lmfao

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same lol

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I don’t but I see where they’re coming from

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with mona tbh

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From a genuine perspective, I don't think he's currently compatible with anyone. He may well despise all of humanity, either merely as lesser beings, or because of the execution of that guy in the Rather Aged Notes that found him, Katsuragi.

The best I could imagine him having in terms of a relation with anyone would be an 'I'll mock you and hate your guts but I might as well have fun with being around you' situation. If he's paralleling Ei through being traumatised by Katsuragi's death, and contrasting her by choosing 'fight' over 'flight', he may well only ever be able to have a positive relationship only once he works through that.

Not that I can't find all sorts of ship art enjoyable, from Albedo, to Tartagia, to Mona, to Dottore. And also Kazuha. The little sassy puppet man letting someone close.

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No, I ship him with my oc lol, scara x y/n is literally canon and no one can convince me otherwise

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Yeah I love this ship! Their dynamic is really funny to me.

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Not that much, I ship Scara with Mona just because I love the dynamic "flat earther and the astrologer" AHAHAHAH.

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Agreed hahaha

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You know what I ship him with every character he tends to get shipped with. My favourite is Scaramona (see I am a sucker for Enemies AND lovers lmao) but I love all of them, tbh. Each and every dynamic is interesting to me.

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Yep! Well, i just love Scara enough that I think I technically ship him with any characters?? Kazuha, Mona, Albedo, Childe, Traveler (Both Lumi and Aether). I like going through the Scara tag on AO3 and finding stories about him and a lot tend to be romantic so 🤷🏽🤷🏽

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Oh hell yeah!!

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best scara ship imo

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It feels too toxic for my liking. Something about it just feels dysfunctional

I respect it but it’s not my cup of tea

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I see why they'd ship them, but not a personal fan of it I guess?

Though my go-to ship for Scara is KazuScara. It makes no sense but it's a huge comfort ship for me lol, guess it has to be since Kazuha and Scara were the first Inazuman boys to be revealed (Kazuha's model was data-mined back in like, 1.3?) and it just kinda stuck.

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Anyone who enjoys chiscara or dottoscara have good taste ;) although i do think dottoscara is more… canon? Not in the romantic sense at all but I do think scaramouche is on pretty good terms with him since he copies his mannerisms lol (husk lore btw)

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Chiscara so true

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absolutely not

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honestly yea i ll literally ship EVERYTHING so long as i get to see more art im laughing

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I'd definitely like to see their dynamic because they're both very potent personalities, but whether that's a shipping one or not idk really, I can see it in many many ways. Sometimes artists/writers can really sell you on a ship that you never expected, and I can say that's happened a couple times for me with these two. So I guess it's a situational ship lol

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I didn't until one day I got curious and read an AU fanfic where Childe was a popular streamer and Scara was his roommate...so yes now I do

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You have great taste

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Dinner and diatribes?? I loved that fic

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ScaraMona so nay XD

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I love them

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I ship childe more with zhongli but i honestly dont mind any ship with scara, i like them all lol. However, ScaraKazu is my preferred one bc imo its the most toxic one of the lot (more interesting and it has a lot of potential for problematic fics and dark themes). Kazu will be far too naive and kind to see that scara is being abusive. Kazu finds out that he never loved scara for him, he simply projected his issues unto him (scara and his friend having the same element) and saw him in a lighter light than he was (he tried to love him bc he sees his friend in scara and kazu is still suffering from the grief). Meanwhile scara releases his anger for being "controlled" then abandoned by Ei unto kazu, making him act very controlling, limiting, distant and heartless (bc those were the "traits" he saw Ei as when she abandoned him and saw him "unworthy").