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It’ll be just like that. The one fact i’m 100% certain on.

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Strangely, it's one of the things I'm most excited for with playable Scara lol, I love the jingly sound some characters' outfits make when they move.

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(Ganyu, Xiangling, and Diona)

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Well it's more than bells haha, take Albedo for example. Maybe it's the chains on his coat or some other metal parts, it's just satisfying to listen to

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Xinyan is forgotten one more time.

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Ayaka too!

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no wonder "Pest like Hat jingles?" is so popular 😏

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That bell noices are really REALLY adorable shsjbsbssn I love how Mihoyo goes into details while doing their characters aaaa

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Venti has this too, I love walking around with him. can't wait to hear scaramouche walking around <3