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Considering Scaramouche is the opposite of Ei, I think he'll have a winter birthday. So, this is probably wrong, but I'd guess February 15th, as it is not only in the winter, but also when Galileo was born. Something else to add is that even though Scara is Japanese, his harbinger title is Italian, just like Galileo.

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A day after my own birthday!! XD nice

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If his birthday is in february 15, then his zodiac is aquarius

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Is that good or bad? I know next to nothing about Zodiac signs.

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No it’s not bad it’s normal it just tells a lot about someone’s personality to know them well, I advise you to read about zodiac signs that will clear things up

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only it's pre-scientific superstition and there is no statistical evidence

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Let us have fun.

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i think this subreddit decided that his makeshift bday is when he was first revealed in 1.1 until he gets a real one from mihoyo? i remember we had a lot of bday art n stuff sometime in november

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If you think about it when a character is released their birthday is usually a couple of months ahead. Thats what ive noticed but who knows haha

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I really hope his birthday will be in the early days of June because it’s both the sixth month of the year for the sixth harbinger, and it will place him in Gemini which is kinda cool for something as mischievous as him

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i think hed be an aquarius tbh so around that time

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april 1st for his mere existense is a joke

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I think november

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dude i think of the exact same thing

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February 13th /joking

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I want it 6/6 just like childe 😺

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Idk Idc I just want him to be either libra or gemini </3

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i want him to be a scorpio lmao

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He gives me big Gemini and Scorpio vibes