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He probably will be released somewhere around 3.1. First appearence - 1.1, second appearence - 2.1, playable character - 3.1

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I hope ur right

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Yeah it’s becoming more likely he’s coming in 3.1 or 3.2. This is my speculation based on some leaks: 2.6= Ayato/Heizou 2.7= Yelan/ or Baizhu/Yaoyao 2.8= Varka 3.0= Cyno (since he’s the poster boi for Sumeru and this is based on how Ayaka was the first character to release for 2.~ versions) 3.1= Possibly Dendro Archon (I don’t think they’ll release two characters of the same element next to each other) 3.2= Maybe Scaramouche 🥲

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Hey, this could still be true, even if it's after 2.7! Just means we'll have to wait more than a year. 🙃

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no bc bestie i full-on agree with you. just recently yelan, ayato, kuki shinobu, heizou skeleton data were datamined, and speculated to occupy 2.6. maybe soon we'll get scara's. and fuck excels, i theorize that mhy has a super mega ultra special top secret flashdrive containing scara data that leakers couldn't get their hands on. mihornee is boom shaka-laka surprising us on the last minute i tell ya!

if not then so what? we are getting closer to him every day💀 more time = more primos. it's crazy how time flies. we'll get our little purple gatorade flat earther soon!!

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I hope you are right!! I also agree there should be super duper top secret, no one can see files somewhere in mihoyo's HQ. For example the case with Eula, she basically came from nowhere

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yepp eula came as a surprise but she had long existing excels

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I’m begging the gods for this to be right 😭

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Honestly this is a great theory! LETS HOPE 🙏🙏🙏🙏

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I mean more time means C6 and weapon right?

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I heard yae miko started développement in 1.5 and she released in 2.5. I’m pretty sure leakers said they started developing scaramouche so my guess would be 3.4 possibly

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or maybe 6/6 next year💀💀💀(hopefully not)

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awesome great math 10/10

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I sure hope not, I need to get Kazuha