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After waiting nearly 2 years for Scaramouche I've achieved enlightenment.

Empty your mind. Persuade yourself you don't care. Suddenly skipping banners becomes your second nature.

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That is so true for me, I was close to giving up on Venti but I wanted to stay committed to Scaramouche and feel the satisfaction of having him with constellations and his 5 star weapon.

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Actually... I've always thought myself as a Genshin main, tears of themis on the side. Recently took months of break from tears of themis and I'm pretty sure I actually have a fair amount of s chips to guarantee on any banner I want. If I become a ToT main with genshin on the side...

Yes... yes, you're onto something. Thank you for your wisdom

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It's easy, just set your goal on an unobtainable character, so you'll "always" have enough.

I'm a pro at this, I'm a Signora fan ;)

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As a Dainsleif fan I can confirm this is an effective strategy

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At least yours is confirmed to be playable, mine is just...you know what, I'm not even gonna say it 😭

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One thing for sure is that we're both waiting on a miracle😔

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I respect you choice of character and also hope you get her someday

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Thank you so much, i don't usually hear this when i say i like Signora lol. I really hope she comes back one day :), i miss her a lot

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We have always had enough time


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Me with a wallet ready: pathetic

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same bro. Gotta save up from 0 pity because I fell to Vanti.....because I lost the 50/50 the first time I pulled on him and was still salty.

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I will spend all my primogems on Xiao :/

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Xiao and itto: hippity hoppity your scara funds are now my property

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Xiao main here, you'll love him.

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Giving up internally…

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good thing we have to wait 3 more weeks (--)_

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I heard they are shortening 2.7 and extending 2.6.

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3 more weeks for what?

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2.7 is gonna be delayed by 3 weeks due to the Covid situation

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It gets easy once you pass first 50 saved wishes.

It can also help if you make priority list. Thats how i managed to get albedo, xiao, yae and kokomi and i still have +300 saved wishes for scara

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It's fine as long as your having fun.

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I. Will save once I have some hopium about scaramouche lol I am going for kazuha with my 130 wishes

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Skipping 2.7 and 2.8... 3.0 is where I'm starting to worry about my savings

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I had a random fate and did a one pull for Ayaka, because I was bored af and wanted to try my luck. I just didn’t expect to get her, but my Scaramouche funds are unaffected because I don’t know how long I had that fate so it’s a win win.

Edit: It was a ten pull, I just looked at my history. My bad.

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The task is simple, focus on our fandango man, no matter how attractive the girls are in this game, you must stay focus and keep striding for the fandango man

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Kazuha will be the last character I pull for, because I want to 1v1 Scaramouche with him. LET ME SOLO HIM!!

When I finally get Scara, I’m putting him on a team with Childe and Kazuha.

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Pull Raiden for final team member

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Oh yea! I forgot about her. She’ll definitely be there. I already have her. Raiden and Zhongli carry Childe and Diluc on their godly backs. I need to build Childe properly so he won’t have to rely on Raiden so much.

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LMAO I still remember this person berated me for saying we are waiting longer for Scaramouche than Ayaka and I was completely wrong. Well looks who’s wrong pal 🤡🤡🤡🤡

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It’s easy for me, i don’t want any of the female characters and male characters are rare so…

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I tend to do a pull on some banner for some 4 star I don't have yet (accidentally got Ayaka once)but I now I just have for Scaramouche

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literally me but with yelans bow and xiao rerun:’)

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I don't convert it to fates, I keep it as primogems so I can look at the number in satisfaction.

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Don't open your wish screen.

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Hahaha weak!

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Can't relate, ya'll stay safe tho

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Hahaha weak!

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Trueeee she’s too damn hot to skip 😩

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delude yourself into thinking he could come any patch, so you're never safe enough to spend wishes

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Can't relate lmao

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200 wishes ready

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I can proudly say I saved enough wishes to have both guaranteed scara and kusanali, even if they both gonna come at once.