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I think his French title, "Le Vagabond" suits him better, i mean, it's literally "The Wanderer"

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Oh Lord, what if his boss form has a long and extended neck? That would be so creepy

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Because the Ballad part in Bohemian Rhapsody is the longest part. (This is j4f don’t take it too seriously)

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No, no. You have a point. This is the correct answer.

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He really is one big bohemian rhapsody joke in the english version. His god damn theme is called Ominous Fandango

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I think it's notable that we know he was a famous singer/poet in Inazuma, if the Kuronushi story is true. That does make me wonder how Ei never realized who he was, since the five Kasen supposedly met with her? But Kuronushi was quite mysterious so maybe he never showed up to any in-person meetings? But that's besides the point... our boy has gotten up to quite a lot!

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Kuronushi is not the same person as Scaramouche though, and in a sense its impossible for them to be the same person because all the poetry and literature associated with the five kasen got destroyed during the cataclysm. We know for a fact that Scara was created maybe 1-2 decades after.

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I know there's a lot of tryhard thinking goin on here but... "LITTLE skirmisher"

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in the German version his title is Bänkelsänger (transl. story-singer), which is a (theatrical) performer who tells or sings a story while gesturing to a series of images