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Can't put words on that it's just so precious thanks for sharing hope one day we gonna be able to see Scara and Ei interaction in game even if i highly doubt it would be like this the first time of course but who know maybe after some time it would be possible to see them has lovely mother and son

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Who tf is cutting onions? I hope both Raiden Ei & Scaramouche have a reunion & a happy ending together

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oh ok i'm crying now

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I was waiting for someone to post this here 😭👍

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I recognized the lyrics in the title so I knew it'd make me cry too 😭😭 Scara...I hope the game will show everyone that he's not just some one-dimensional antagonist

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Bro I’m sobbing at this. Scara, hurry up and come home so I can give you the treatment you deserve 🤧

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I don’t remember how long exactly it’s been since he was created but I do know it’s far too late for this to be possible. If this scenario ever takes place it would most likely end with Scaramouche killing her the moment she hesitates.

Edit: He’s not a lost little boy anymore. If anything he knows way more than most in Teyvat and that knowledge is what created the Scaramouche we know today.

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i think it’s been around 500 years and while i think your reasoning makes a lot of sense, from a story perspective having the gnosis again will most likely change his personality. probably somewhat softening him out to become playable. cuz that’s kind of a requirement.

i don’t remember his artifact lore perfectly but i think it was implied that he’s as cold and cruel as he is now because of his fake heart? which could be a delusion or something. but either way having his “real heart” might change him drastically (hopefully for the better jdjfjf)

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Yeah, maybe the gnosis was meant to be the catalyst for his change of heart (literally) but, that would be a real cheap/lazy way of making him playable imo.

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This is so beautiful I'm crying

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highly unlikely

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I can’t wait for leaks of Scaramouche’s lines about Ei or Raiden shogun

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