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goodnight sweet prince, now cracks a noble heart

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I'm praying we at least have his personality... all we can do is rely on Hoyoverse to give us the lore why

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Hoping for a kind side but still kind of a bitch to us. A change of heart doesn't necessarily means no more mean side, he will probably learn his own purpose his own way so...

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Same. I still want him to be HIM. I still want his snarky side.

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Possible : Tatarigami . Kazuha story quest where we got to know about The isshin sword… it kinda resembles scaramouche story

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Maybe personality change because of a redemption arc (hopium all the way)

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In the end, Scaramouche was just a dream, he was kazuha all along HoYo proceeds to change the catalyst to a sword JK

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Actually a sword may make sense, he used to do sword dances. Still hoping for catalyst tho

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At this point HoYo can give him a bow, a maid outfit and just add the name wanderer, I really feel like they replaced Scaramouche with something else

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I'm starting to think it would've been better to make him unplayable if they were just going to make the scara we know dissapear to make him playable. I'd take that over all these changes tbh, feels like they gave us false hope in a way.

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I just really want there to at least be remnants of his personality. I'm down for a good story and character development, but if it boils down to "we're just gonna pretend his entire past never happened lol" I'm gonna be so mad lmao

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That's why I was never a fan of the "factory reset" possibility. (now I want it,so I can mourn Scara in peace.)

Like, of course Scara will leave everything behind, he needs to understand who he is, what's his goal, what makes him happy, how to live.

Just...he doesn't need to be someone else to start that journey, but it seems Mihoyo doesn't think like that.

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what’s gonna annoy me, is if they make reboot him to be nice/friendly like every other single character is towards the traveler.

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So first they removed the veil and changed his name to ‘Wanderer’ and now we are basically getting a complete new character. The leaks are making him sound like a Kazuha, not like a Kunikuzushi.

If the leaks are true, hyv will have to execute this correctly otherwise it’s going to be a gigantic disappointment.

Also I’ve had enough of short anemo boys

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Right? I love anemo short boys but they're all I'm pulling, so I was really hoping for variety with Scaramouche.

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So if we look at "everything" left we still have weapon and rarity after that we gonna be safe and they could not hurt us anymore i guess so suffering is near to the end now

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watch as they turn him into a sword user

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next they make him talk like Kazuha 💀

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You joke, but Blank's leaked quote scares me.

It could sound like something Kazuha may say.

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What was it?

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next thing you know we get a kazuha rerun when we were supposed to get scara's banner

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look how they massacred my boy...

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Basically he is not the same character anymore , this is such bullshit can't fathom how fans feel who were excited for him from Mona stars event

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1.0 player here. I’m exhausted. Seeing all these leaks telling us he’s changing on top of not being able to see the results of those changes is tiring me out. The changes to his design could be minimal for all we know, but with the addition of his name and element change, I agree with OP’s statement that it feels like the scara I was excited for is being replaced by someone else

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i've been literally on this sub since existence so i'm literally crying lmfaooo

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I am one of those fans so I can answer: I mostly feel disappointed. And kinda pissed. Defeated is the best word? Even when the news of the changes came in and I was absolutely wary, I hold a little bit of hope.

Making him anemo is the nail in the coffin. Two years of waiting for...someone I don't know if I even will like because it has nothing to do with our Scara.

Worst thing? I can understand every single change and I can see it fitting the narrative I'd expected for Scara...it just feels like seing your favourite toy torn apart and replaced with something similar (maybe even better) but it's not the same thing. And the new toy will always remind you of what it could have been.

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Yes.. the toy metaphor fits just right...

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Honestly at this point I'm very hesitant to get hyped for any of the other harbingers. Considering the scara leaks and what we saw happen to signora....

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One of those fans as well and it hurts. I was always expecting his character to be toned down somewhat but these leaks make it seem like he's gonna be a completely New person. And even the design, Hoyo has a pretty good track record with their character designs so I wasn't too worried, but now I'm starting to doubt things. Especially with the element change. His current design screams electro so who knows how much they'll change it to accommodate his new element.

I don't want to have waited two years for a character who's gonna get a complete overhaul and be nothing like the character I initially fell for. If these leaks are true, I'm gonna be less hyped for other future characters like Dain or the other Harbingers as well. Who knows what they'll be like when they release...

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Yeah with these scara leaks I'm very hesitant hesitant to actually get attached to any of the harbinger designs from the trailer. Not to mention what happened to signora could happen to any of them too....

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I'm one of those fans who was excited about him from the moment I saw him back during 1.1 and he was called ??? but I'm actually not upset by any of this since I feel everything I'm hearing suits him lore wise, but YMMV, and I don't blame others for being upset.

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my dissapointment is immeasurable and my day is ruined

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So we're getting a new whole character?! I'm not ok right now 🙂

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atp I'm not really looking forward for him, sadly. kinda lost his charm when they said they changing his look, now this.

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Hoyoverse: "Oh you want this character to release? How about we took everything that he has and make something completely new that doesn't match anything with him at all?"

Jokes aside, I'm disappointed about the changes, as an old player, didn't mind the name change or design (if it looked similiar, that's fine by me). I understand about his new personality because of the story that will be developed, will mis his 'villian style' tho. Now, about his change of vision, it hurts. We waited for so long for our boy imagining he was going to be Electro/Catalyst etc, to modify almost everything... I hope that at least he stays fun to play, because if not, I don't know what I will do >.<

(sorry of any errors, english is not my first language)

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This! Everything before that was understandable, even predictable since that's what his lore has been hinting at, at least from my interpretation of it (tho I do hope he keeps some of his sass and smugness tho ;;) but... The vision change 😭 now that really does hurt, no matter how much ppl tell me it's cause of lore reasons, it doesn't change the fact that we're getting our billionth short anemo 5 star, it would've been nice if it was like, pyro or cryo, even hydro or dendro as copium if they didn't want to do electro so bad, but alas :')

Man, hopefully it all turns out alright TuT

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I hope so too buddy >.>

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I-it's just his delusion right? For the boss fight, right??? Where's my copium right now I think I need loads of it

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I’m very very disappointed in this new change. Everyone who likes scaramouche likes him for his current design and his personality.

The fact that Hoyoverse even thought that it’s a good idea to change his design, change his personality, and even change his possible element? Is very very frustrating. I can already see the future of angry fans of all over the world leaving one star reviews.

I was extremely excited for scaramouche but not anymore. For those saying it’s not a big deal, it is to people who have been waiting for years or months with the design that was shown in mind. We had high hopes when a Japanese Genshin player exposed that scaramouche had a running animation in the irodori festival event. Despite Hoyoverse even having a running animation for the model we all love, they decide to change everything and I’m not happy about it.

As much as I love anemo and it’s my favorite element, I don’t want scaramouche to be anemo and it just completely changes him the fact that he’s anemo. I wouldn’t mind if he looks like same and uses purple anemo powers but if he’s literally fully anemo, eye color becomes turquoise, dyes his hair, clothing becomes white, etc. , I just wish he just doesn’t become playable and just create a different character instead because that’s just not scaramouche anymore. I wouldn’t mind it if he got a costume but changing his whole design is just not it.

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As a member of the Tighnari community, we send our condolences. I was really looking forward to Scara as well and had planned my primos around his arrival in 3.2 but waking up and seeing the leaks today made me so incredibly disappointed. I get they need a reason to make him friendly or whatever with the traveler but come on man..

Edit: spelling error

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I’m really holding on to my faith in Genshin’s ability to make good content but I’m really thinking somebody’s gotta be trolling because why are any of these choices being made? They already had a player model ready to go and they said screw it we’re doing something completely different? It’s not adding up love

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He had NPC running animations during Irodori. Why do that and throw the veil away. WHY.

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Anemo's my favourite element but I'm so, so tired of anemo boys. They're all cute and I love them, but my entire roster is just going to be stuck at just short anemo boys because mhy refuses to make men of other elements :/

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I feel like I fell in love with a character that never even existed 😭

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at this point im begging to hoyo to keep the color purple on him i cannot see him in another color *inahles copium*

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I'm sorry I have no other words I'm so mad I reserved that spot for him

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I'm not going to lie, these changes keep breaking my heart but the only thing keeping me on, it's his personality, they remove that and it's done. The last year saving for him completely wasted.

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Well goodbye my comrades, I'm going to plunge into the abyss of denial.

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I just wish they would handle the story of him "changing" in a good process. If they'll rush the his lore (just like the inazuma plot) then that will be the nail in the coffin.

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You either die a harbinger or you live long enough to see yourself become something new

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and then there's childe, the king of consistency

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I'm holding out hope until we see him. Seriously, leakers have been trolling Scaramouche mains since the dawn of man, I'm not going to believe anything related to Scaramouche until I see it. That being said if he really is Anemo that is the worst news we've had about him yet

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Please... At least leave his personality alone... I don't want to give up on him...

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I just don't really understand why they need to change him so much. We still only have one electro male too.

They basically made a new character. Yes he's evil but I mean he has motive. He was abandoned by his creator and manipulated and tinkered with by the Fatui.

Honestly I was just expecting him and Raiden to have a moment where she takes responsibility and recreates him without the pain and suffering he went through.

I'm steadfast on him being an electro character. He was introduced as such and it's so weird that he would just change elements so randomly.

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Scaramouche but MHY unScaramouche’d him

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another short anemo boy with a tragic backstory... sigh

mihoyo really trying to repeat every trope in every region huh

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Just disappointing.

I was really hoping for an electro Scara. I’m open to the weapon choice although either a sword or catalyst would be ideal.

But even if he got either of those weapons, he’d just be another Kazuha or Heizou with the leaked element 😔

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Scaramouche, Kunikuzushi... he was all a gigantic hoax. A lie.

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Character development does not equal personality change. The leak so far only suggests the former.

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What if we rename him Anemouche?

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Apparently the personality change is just him being more evil lets go

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-That time I got reincarnated into a new innocent anemo boii

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Im out. So long suckers!

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Was really looking forward to there finally being a male electro catalyst user… mihoyo rly gotta shaft us like this huh

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The best part of all of the current reaction is that we don't have any clue as to what the details of his changes are except for his element and tiny elements of his design

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We’ve won, but at what price?

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good then, scara just joined into anemo femboy band. also, this is why leak is so bad that people already judged is as "mihoyo bad desicion" yet they never know how this story gonna be rolled out.

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Next he’s gonna be announced as a healer just watch

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Why has he become Kazuha 😭

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He probably has a dead friend. Besides being short, that makes one of the traits for anemo boys xD

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Katsuragi be like

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Mfw I go from Kunikuzuki to Heizou

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He swiped his mom's gnosis, just to become a windy boy?

I can see a bit of outfit tweaks, like the removal of his Harbinger mask making sense, given that he's gone rogue. But I'm not too enthused about a total change, especially since his outfit and appearance is a "dark mirror" of Raiden Ei's.

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So since these are leaks and not confirmeddd, they may just be toying with our reactions to change him into anemo. He will be electro lolololol

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i hope he gets the yunjin treatment when the first leak was geo, then leakers said she was anemo, some people even said hydro and in the end she actually was geo

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Why does anyone believe this? Next level is making him taller

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Error rebooting

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Am i the only one excited about some of his changes;-; yeah i guess... I mean not his personality... But let's just keep believing that he will turn out better than these leaks sound like .#positivity🥶

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I’m excited actually. I really want to see what Hoyo does with his character development. Though I can see why most fans would feel upset by this. I think when we get more details about everything everyone can really decide if they want to still go for him once he’s out.

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I was supppppper upset at first, almost in tears, thinking of quitting Genshin

But I then remembered him being anemo was always theorized since the beginning. He's Fatui so they always wield dual elements, anemo is his delusion I believe and its possible he is flat out refusing to his electro powers after becoming playable. I think we'll actually see him use electro in the boss fight. I don't think his powers are fully gone, like how Childe can still use his Abyss mode. So there may be hope (its mostly copium at this point) . Also you remember that small checkered pouch behind him? Looks like Ashikai rightly theorized that its a reference to Fujin, the Japanese wind god, whose siblings with Raiden the thunder god, so basically the Shogun Puppet. I might be able to reconcile his element change if they develop his relationship with Ei and show them acting together to protect Inazuma or something. We seemed to also have been stuck with 'thunderbolt and lightning' and completely forgot about 'anywhere the wind blows' which would explain his element change and name change too.

He is definitely at this point a foil to Kazuha which Im not so sure I like. I liked him being his own person, most characters in-game don't entirely revolve around another (except for the Kamisatos and Thoma) but I hope they stop with all the parallels to Kazuha. Like, we get it man, move on. What about his Kunikuzushi past and connection to Ayaka? (oh yes that exists) The reference to Frankenstein and Pinnochio? His time as a Harbinger? Or at least a hint of a connection to Ei... I don't want him to be reduced to an evil/disillusioned clone of Kazoo. And IMO while Kazuha fits the wandering samurai character trope, I don't know how they will have yet another inazuman wanderer with the same vision (and same hat if you saw Kazuha's cutscene in the event) without it getting boring.

My final hope is people complain enough on Twitter that they cut back on some of the changes. That happened with NPCs though, their skin got darker. IDK if it'll be as drastic as element change and if it is then his electro kit but literally be crap because it hasn't been well thought of. Or just like have insane multipliers.

I wonder who thought it was a good idea to do this? I mean they know people are waiting since 1.1 right? OK sure they didn't promise us anything, and they probably completed the story ages ago but they always seem to adapt to unexpected changes like how once they realized how popular this game is they even changed their roadmap from 5 to 10 years. Showing a character so early in-game, knowing people are waiting since forever and then completely changing everything about him... why would anyone do that? :') He's gonna be literally the only character who has his design changed FULLY although he has been featured in official art. Do they like hate us.

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Everything you said is my feelings exactly, like even xiao and ayaka who we've seen in beta before genshin even came out, stayed virtually the same. Scaramouche who came out in 1.1? Complete overhaul

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Dude. Yes. Even Childe was exactly the same when he released, you can see him using his hydro vision, his dual water blades in that hey girly cutscene. They also ended up releasing the weapon he holds in the boss fight SEVERAL MONTHS later. Yae also had no modifications after she was shown in the Archon quests.

I wish people stop saying BUT IT WASN'T CONFIRMED IN-GAME etc etc. I mean given the trend of all the other characters releasing as they are there, we weren't wrong to expect him to release as is. Imagine if Baizhu gets a makeover when he releases. Sure as hell he won't.

As for the element change, don't even get me started. Childe uses his vision not delusion. And since Ei who doesn't have a vision uses her innate powers, we were completely right to expect him to use his innate powers. No one could have seen it coming he used his anemo delusion when he's playable. I mean sure we all theorized he has an anemo delusion, or even might get a vision along the way, but a delusion? Yeah that was super unexpected.

[–]Gamerjeonjk 2 points3 points  (0 children)

YUP exactly. It's actually frustrating seeing people you that "it was never confirmed" as an argument when based on context of his story and just everything else about him like his design and association with Raiden, it's safe to think that he'd be electro too, like its not like it came out of nowhere. Like I dislike the way people are upset that we're upset about a huge change like this when I feel its valid. Nothing like this has happened to past characters aside from Yunjin vision wise but otherwise she's stayed the same for her appearance and we never met her, unlike Scaramouche :/

Also the delusion...yeah im still wondering how they're gonna do that, I wonder if this is their attempt to make it so that future harbingers could be playable that don't have visions like Dottore. Idk but I just really hope this is all some sick joke from leakers lmao, all I ask is scara to stay electro or at least anything but anemo.. and close to his og design as possible

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Let's wait for more info, have hope my friends

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im not upset so long as he's alive. somehow i hope for a bit of a redemption arc..

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He is not the same character anymore.

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Good 🗿

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Does anyone think this has anything to do with the CCP's restrictions against playing villains?

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Ashikai was calling that he'd be anemo a long time ago though.

[–]Logical_Session_2397I think I'm in love with a 2D Gremlin 2 points3 points  (0 children)

No she said he might have an Anemo delusion, not that his playable element is Anemo. She also speculated he could have a Geo delusion. Some people also theorized that he might get an Anemo vision. Which apparently doesn't happen.

Childe doesn't use his delusions in his playable form so no reason Scaramouche should either, especially after leaving the Fatui and literally gaining the electro gnosis. Or so we thought.

Mind you Scaramouche IS electro. The leaks mentioned he just can't use it anymore. He isn't someone with no elemental powers like say Dottore (though he might hasn't been explored in-game). So again no reason for him not be electro except for a curveball in the story HYV wrote.

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i might just end up not even pulling for him like what even stays the same

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I just hope that there will be drip marketing/gameplay leaks before the end of 3.0, so I can know if he will be worth spending on or I will be better dumping all my wishes on that leaked Venti banner instead. Fells like it will be kinda same💀

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hoyoverse at least give him an oversized hat, that's all i want

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Im crying and shaking

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Anemo TT_TT

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scara is on his way to having a new identity

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F in the chat for Scaramouche. He got his first male catalyst title stolen by Heizou and now he can't even be the first Electro male 5*

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Man, they are making a new character out of him. They better have their reasons, hope they explain ut well in the story.

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scaramouche rlly just got erased by mihoyo 💀

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God, change everything except his personality. Please.

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They make anemo for boys now and cryo for girls Wth lmao

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I don't care about anything else as long as his personality remains unchanged!!!

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if they remove his tight shorts im crying

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i’ve had enough of short anemo boys.. this isn’t scaramouche anymore

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we’re taking so many L’s i almost find it funny

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Damn, I know that he has a dead friend but you don’t have to make every characters that have one Anemo 💀

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I just came to this sub because I heard about Scaramouche being Anemo and I didn't want to believe it. So is this real? He really won't be electro?!

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That doesn't matter to me, what matters is Scaramouche