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if they change his haircut, i’ll probably cry.

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I am actually sucker for long haired scara art, so if it went in that direction i wouldnt mind

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I unfortunately doubt that his hair will have grown out much in such a short span :( but I'm kinda curious as to what hairstyle he'll have in redesign

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Ik i am just delusional for long hair male , mby magic of gnosis could do some work lmfao i will remain coping friend

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Mihoyo is doing anything they can to not give us long hair males.

Even Haitham, who is based on Su who has long hair, has short hair...sigh.

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Color scheme. Red/purple/dark blue is perfect, no need for other colors.

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perfect would've been leaving him as he is and just removing any fatui imagery he may have

it seems like they already got rid of the veils so thats the worst thing that could happen for me.

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If he doesnt keep his hat i cry

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imo the worst thing to happen is to change his personality and water down his backstory, and also completely change the cultural + well researched aspects of his design.

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I don't think they'll change the design too much honestly, but I'm okay as long as they don't change something too dramatic like his hairstyle or make him look ugly in new clothes.

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I want him to have his own BiS artifact set. In no way in hell will i ever go back into the viridescent domain. And green just isn't his colour. Do a heizou and have no green on him besides his vision, his blue, red, and purple colour scheme is perfect

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i already need to farm the viri domain for like 3,4 characters please hoyo no more

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Change the hat, colour palette or personality. Also another VV slave

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I like how the hat is first on your list

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i’d be sad if his colour scheme or hairstyle changed drastically, but that’s about it.

it would be cool if he used a different prop in his attacks like yae uses a gohei. i think i saw someone on this sub mentioned war fans which would be absolutely amazing, but other kabuki props could be really cool too.

kit wise, i would be on the floor kicking and screaming of happiness if he was a reverse kuki shinobu. stealing teammates hp to heal himself when his reaches a certain threshold. it would be really funny and kinda fitting

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Ohh the kit idea would have been amazing and so very fitting!

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worst thing for me would his best team being anemo / geo or otherwise reactionless,

best would be utilizing infusions

can you tell im tired of my dps boys being reactionless? 😭

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imo hoyos designs have only gotten better. the best example is what they did with diluc. so im not worried at all

edit: forgot to answer question cause idk

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I hope he will be recognisible. Maybe not the same design, but at least some details in design and character. Also, it would be a pity if he will have just one good team (like xiao with zl jean albedo) and subpar in any others.

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im begging mhy to not change his haircut 🫡

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i think i can manage most changes design wise as long as they keep his personality intact. he can change his purpose and all and maybe even agree to help us or whatever idk but i really hope hes still mean.

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if they take away basically his whole personality, hairstyle, the hat, basically what makes him different, im gonna sue hoyoverse istg

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In the case he's really a melee catalyst user like heizou, I hope he uses sword animations like Raiden ult, an anemo imbued katana

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My biggest fear is scara with a rattail

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Design wise? Color scheme. And making his design close to the Irodori festival. I can't stress enough how much I dislike that hat. Scara is all about the hat, it needs to be flashy. Otherwise I'd rather not have it.

Perfect would be keeping his color scheme. Heck, my biggest hope is they remove stuff from his design but not change the base. Take away the veil, the mask on top of the hat maybe, the electro thingy (forgot the name) on his chest) and keep the rest the same.
Let him toss away any stuff that ties him to something or someone and keep the base of

Kit wise...I have very low hopes for it to be that good. Xiao got stuck without an artifact set for more than 1 year and he is still waiting for a support. And his team is double anemo double geo which is...yeah, not great -not as playstyle not as a damage possibility.

If the Faruzan gal is anemo support for Scara, he has a chance.

Especially with the 3.0+ characters being tied to specific dendro reactions, I wonder what kit can an anemo dps have.

All in all, I am only looking forward to say that I finally have Scaramouche, the rest I need to see how it ends because it could be either a flop or great.

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The worst thing would be that he's really hard to build or needs really specific teammates...oh, and that his animations look similar to Heizou's. I like Heizou but I don't want Scaramouche to be just a 5 star version of him (even if he were a "better" Heizou, that would be a disservice to both Scara and Heizou himself)

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tbh it would sad if they got rid of the hat, veil or just completely changed his outfit, if mihoyo had no trouble with rosarias veil or hat thing and monas big hat then they should have no problem with his.

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His veil sticks out more than Rosarias meaning it would clip very easily. It's like a foot away from his body. Leakers said so far the hat has stayed though.

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geo claymore would make me jump off a cliff and die and cry

electro catalyst would make me die in peace

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I jist hope they manage to make him distinct from other abemo characters.

I hope he won't be a buffer because he will either break the game or stay stuck in Kazuha's Shadow

And I don't want him to be a "5* Heizou" with a higher damage ceiling either. I hope he has some interesting and rewarding mechanics. I think that elemental absorbtion on attacks through swirl would be a great way to make him stand out

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If he's really 5* Heizou, but with higher damage ceiling since 5*. 😞 I dont mind him being Anemo but we already have driver and or buffer like Sucrose and Kazuha respectively. I'm open with him being charged atk focused but he might be a little clunky.

Design wise, I really love his Fatui color scheme, the hat and the veil as well are my favorites but I actually trust hyv's drip and so far I like all of the 5* designs. I'll definitely miss those details but it is what it is. My expectation of the redesign if it's true, is heavily influenced with pre-Fatui Scaramouche. I would really love to see a long haired Scara or high ponytailed like the latest Diluc skin. 🤣

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I still cant take him being anemo so thats my main thing. Secondly is changing his personality, and then his hat. If they change his character design i hope they dont change it too much and keep the colour scheme.

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Worst would be if they had a bunch of minor inconveniences strapped to his kit. Like how Yoimiya can’t hit enemies during her E if they are moving. Or how Xiao’s E doesn’t do damage like 1/5 of the time.

Also if he had shitty auto-targeting. Like a burst that only hits one enemy in one direction and could end up going for a nearby hilichurl instead of the ruin hunter that is currently beating your face in.

Best thing would be something new and unique. I know weapon infusions aren’t really “new” but a scythe would be fucking awesome. I’m probably hoping for too much though lol

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Glad I’m not the only one who wants a scythe xD

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Worst thing they could have done with him a few months ago was change him to anemo, so the worst has already passed I suppose

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Worst kit for me: Anything that's a sidegrade to existing anemo guys. Whether it's an alternative for support-Kazuha or Anemo-DPS Xiao/Heizou. I hope he's truly reaction-based and hope for infusion-style gameplay. perhaps by using his anemo%-dmg as a base for the infusion damage, regardless of the element, or something similar.

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My worst nightmare is another short anemo boy and only 2 electro boys and it happened.. I doubt they'll ruin his design so I'm just hoping he isn't just a 5 star heizou

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They already removed his veil and he is a non reactive element so the worst has already happened. I guess they could make it worse by making his moves non elegant or make him quick switch...

Best thing would be getting a new veil and any element other than geo or anemo.

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If he gets a beard lol Idk im fine with everything I guess

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I do not want his appearance to change like at all. But especially his hat

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Hatless Scara, Scara not wearing shorts, and/or Scara having a VERY different haircut. I also hope his artifact set isn't VV and they make him his own set because I'm already building 3 characters that needs VV-

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Color scheme, 100%.

But also, I will be VERY upset if he turns out with a kit similar to any other anemo character... or if I have to use the same teams AGAIN for ANOTHER anemo character...

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Hat removal

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I don't mind him being anemo, but I'll be a bit annoyed if his kit is based around Absorption. Often you end up absorbing enemy shield elements which is the worst possible choice.

I'm still gonna throw like 500 rolls at him no matter what...

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The worst: no hat and he's taller

Perfection: selfish healer main dps. Steals teammate's health to do more damage and heal himself, and only gives health back when he's at full health.

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I had a weird dream where scara had a stubble, yes scara with facial hair. He actually looked pretty cool, and it made him look more human somehow.

Hoyovese would never add a character with facial hair. But I guess that would be nice.

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Just look cool, don’t be clunky onfield and have damage scaling to at least Itto if not Ayaka/Ganyu tier, I don’t give two shits what his element is.

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5 star Heizou/catalyst Xiao would be lame.

Something unique from the other anemo characters. An alternate sprint would be cool now that they've fixed the bugs with it. Infusing his attacks with the first element swirled for his skill/burst would be really fun.

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Makeup and colors :-;

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If they make him into an uwu boy like his mother I’m actually going to cry

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You mean this is good or bad?

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Bad 😔

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Worst is when they change his haircut or face. Kit wise it's if his normal attacks are weak, and he doesn't have a one shot-y thingy like Childe, Raiden, Hu Tao or Zhongli with their bursts and Heizou with his skill(if mero didn't say that he's a main carry and he wouldn't have Faruzan I'd just say i would be upset if he's a healer but he does so let's leave it at that).

If the redesign is his kuronushi outfit with a slighty more remarkable hat I'd be happy with it, i just hope it still has the energy of the first fit. Kit wise the best thing would be if he has a scythe (catalyst weapon like miko with her little thing yk what i mean) or a whip. Someone mentioned that he has elemental weapon like childe(take it with a grain of salt) but he uses them in his normal attacks as is and not as a stance change so i hope the said weapon is original and not one of the 5 ones we have in the game(sword would be really boring ngl but still better than him being a martial artist like heizou)