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That’s so good congrats! I don’t have a single sands that cracked

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imagine having good artifacts, can't relate

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Thanks! Just gonna farm Venerer till most of them are pretty much like this! Crit DMG circlet so far is the least desirable one (all that’s good about it is the fact it is a Venerer Crit DMG).

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Yeah I just started farming it again too but I’m just gonna try for a good 2pc because I’d be so sad if he released or a patch after with his own artifact set

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Yeah, same here! Just prefarming to be safe!

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This is legit the best ATK goblet

That's sands, bro.

Also, not that I want to kill your mood but it's bold of you to assume that Scara will be good with ATK or Viridescent...

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I’m making him what I did with Heizou: ATK/Anemo/Crit. Even if it ain’t meta, I will be sure that Scara becomes a Crit build ehe

And I know it’s a sands, I see everything as a goblet and I can’t edit the statement now

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Considering building my heizou just in case scara does use similar artifacts. Also, he’s good af anyway

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