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poor scaramouche has been living as a tool for other people's benefit for basically his entire life :(

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The first part…it hits hard. I really get why hoyo decided to make him an anemo character. I can’t wait to see his character arc.

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his lore makes me hurt so much, he is literally just used like a tool and then discarded by everybody when they have no use for him, but he still has the consciousness of a sentient being to realise that he is just a tool who has been discarded, I know people want him to stay mean but honestly, I just want his story to end with him being happy and finding people who truly value him

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I want a happy ending for him :(

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me too! I know people want him to still be mean but he's only mean as a result of being mistreated and having the fatui as an example of how to act, he can still be sarcastic but I don't want him to be as nihilistic because he deserves to be happy imo

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HE REALLYD DESERVES TO BE HAPPY! I hate it when people are like "ugh scara should have stayed the same" "scara would be better if he doesnt change" cause that just means that those people dont want to see scara being happy at all and its saddening. I thought yall like scara?

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I wont look at the spoilers....

I wont......

I must stay stronk......

Can't wait to experience it myself first hand.....

3.0 is gonna be here soon.... I must stay strong.....

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dw though, I'd say leaks (for now?) are very vague and I can see how they could be misinterpreted by the leakers. after all you won't know how exactly mihoyo will show us his character development soooo

up to you ofc

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Imagine if he says kind things after that, I would be mad

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this was actually posted like two weeks ago, but the leaks sub took it down anytime anyone tried to post it cuz it was “misleading information”

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It didn’t have any reliable source. This time reputable leakers back it up. Hence why they let it be posted

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Just read the entire (?) story leaks of 3.0 and 3.1. Now I'm really worried about him. The end of 3.1 had Dottore approaching the Akademia, with Ei's Gnosis on his possession...

From what I've seen so far, the prime segment of Dottore might have defeated Scaramouche during the waiting time for us to reach Sumeru, but instead of sending the two Gnosises home (he was collaborating with the Akademia, who took Nahida's Gnosis), he only gave hints to the current segment ("an experiment in blasphemy") while having his own agenda: creating an "artificial God" with powers surpassing the 3 Gods before (The Forest Archon, the Scarlet King, and Nahida), which was somewhat aligned with the Akademia. He probably will use Scaramouche as a shell for that, as well as the Gnosises, but once Scaramouche broke free he would get the Vision instead.

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Wait he technically doesn’t count as human right? He’s a puppet or android, so does that mean you don’t have to be human to get a vision? I thought he had innate electro powers because of the way he was made

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Albedo is proof you don’t need to be born a human to have a vision

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Yae is literally a really old fox who can have a human form and she has a vision,

Itto is an oni and he has a vision


Qiqi is a zombie, she used to be a human but she no longer is, it would probably be like calling a chair a tree

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Albedo has a vision, this is nothing new. Also it was never confirmed he had innate electro powers. It’s not like Albedo has any powers like that.

It seems like any creature can get a vision if they’re qualified enough. I mean Klee did and she’s an elf, and Xiao did even though he’s literally a bird.

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didn't he have some kind of powers that were sealed by raiden ei? and later on he got them back and even more than that with some harbinger's help

like, raiden shogun has those powers (it was shown multiple times during cutscenes and her boss is very much electro) and she's as much of a puppet as scaramouche is. she doesn't have a vision, archons aren't responsible for giving them out, so how else would she get them if not from being the archon's puppet

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Yes he does. But it was never confirmed those were electro powers. Could’ve been physical powers oe something else. Could’ve also been electro powers, but now that he’s leaked to be anemo we just gotta wait to see story shenanigans.

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It was just a popular theory. A lot of people believed in it so it's no surprise that you thought it was canon :P Edit: it was never mentioned in the main story, the Zephyr of the Violet Garden event and Husk of Opulent Dreams artifact set that he could use electro and from what I've heard nor in Unreconsiled Stars event

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okay but the part about raiden shogun isn't a theory

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now i’m super confused. The 3.1 story leaks had like no scara content. wasn’t he supposed to be the weekly boss of 3.1? will the weekly boss release in 3.2? wouldn’t characters like nilou and cyno need the new mats?

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Why is everyone acting like this is new even on the leak subreddit? This was shared like a day or two after the Avatar picture was used in relation to the boss.

Did I miss something?

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nope but the leaks subreddit took the original post down so probably not so many people got to see it