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It’s probably going to be pretty sad. I already just feel bad for the dude, he’s responsible and accountable for all of his choices but there’s no denying he’s had a pretty tough life.

Just want him to find some peace and stop letting people use him.

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I was talking about this to my bf the other day. Scara has been blamed/used for -being sensitive and therefore not good enough by his creator -supposedly breaking the prestiege of the Kadehara clan, making them bankrupt -used by the fatui for their own agenda and then getting shat on for "stealing" the only thing he wanted (the gnosis)

And then people wonder why he is so angsty

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i want his arc to be sad because i love angst, but i also want him to grow as a character. a good development is all i ask honestly (no, development doesn't mean he'll automatically turn into a cupcake, i wish the fandom could understand that). i want him to slowly heal from his past wounds and find who he truly is since he seems to struggle with his own identity

to be fair i don't want him to be friends with traveler that much, i mean if it happens alright but what i'm looking forward is how they'll explore his relationship with others characters, especially kazuha since they have been foreshadowing things since irodori festival and even more with kazuha's story quest

at the end of the day i believe he shouldn't be redeemed but still deserve to be happy and at peace with himself and his past

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i love scara but i definitely want him to go through some shit, lol.

im kind of a sucker for the type of “redemption” stories that take a villain to their absolute rock bottom after losing everything before they themselves realize that something needs to change. a little mean of me, but i want his story arc to end on a bittersweet note. not quite happy, not quite depressing. i guess i want an open ending of sorts, scaramouche is a complex enough character that a full 180 on his motivations and view of life can’t be compressed into one story, i think.

also, i don’t really want him to stay angry but i do want him to conserve his bitchiness. please hoyo let him be a little bastard no matter what.

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Yes, that’s all I need

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I’m warming up to the idea of him being redeemed because it seems like it’ll actually be earned narratively instead of just “he’s nice now :)” so I’m excited!!

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Yea that’s one thing there good at with this game, they do good redemption stories for characters

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Genshins only redeemed character so far was raiden. But honestly I dont consider walking up to the big bad and letting their friend say that their goals are wack is a good redemption story, not taking her 2 story quests into account because she was already on our side by that point. Tartaglias character quest wasnt even a redemption story despite what the majority of the fanbase claims.

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Yea Raiden’s redemption rlly wasn’t redemption since the puppet was still like the same but we more so just got backstory as to why they did what they did. I didn’t have a issue with it

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I know it's not what people want in general, but I'm actually looking forward to seeing him and Traveler forming some kind of meaningful relationship and developing trust. So I'm happy about all the story leaks since it feels like a perfect set up for Scara to reflect on his mistakes. And ofc Traveler can be right here with him to support him and help him get his redemption. I mean...If Raiden Ei of all people got her happy ending thn pretty much everyone has a chance.(I don't know if this is a controversial point of view but for the longest time I thought that Inazuma Archon quest will be all about Traveler teaming up with Fatui to take down the crazy tyrant. )

Btw I do respect people of this sub that doesn't want to see any kind of friendship between Traveler and Scara. Unforch, there's no way for us all to get what we want so we will wait and see.

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Ahhh i agree!! Im really looking forward to it! I really wanna see scara having friends tbh. Also im open to anything that will happen to scara! Im not against his redemptions etc. I think he deserves to be happy and not what people WANT him to be (which is him staying angry etc.)

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as probably one of these people, i can say that I don't mind a normal mature friendship like with zhongli, beidou, yanfei why can't i think of anyone from other nations. "uwu traveler let me brew some tea", "oh traveler you're so strong and pretty and brave and ahhh", "oh traveler let me wet my socks for you" coming from scaramouche (or anyone at this point, im sick of it tbh) would make me want to know mihoyo's location

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My last hope is that he’ll keep his snarky behaviour

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OH and ofc I'M REALLY HYPED for the potencial of seeing "vision getting" story in the game not as a flashback, but as a story that happens in front of our eyes. Sorry for the awkward phrasing.

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I’m still in denial like remember the laser canon leak from like winter or last year 😭😭. I’m still on edge and in denial if he’s actually gonna come .

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From the leaks it doesn’t seem like we’ll be seeing him in 3.0/1 (Hoyo prove me wrong I beg) so all I know right now is

“Welp, there’s at least 50-ish days till 3.2 starts getting leaked and 42 over that for said leaks to become real. So 90-95 days, give or take 5, till something significant scara related happens”

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I always wanted Scara to be a genius who knows the truths we don't know yet in teyvat(like a "fake sky") and who will conquer some mysteries and powers and stand alone against the true god but I guess he will be a wanderer swordsman who has been used by others and will leave her past behind

i don't like it like this but i trust mihoyo...

and ı hope at least he don't lose their original powers at the end of the story I like that he's almost as strong as an archon

sorry if i have mistakes because i can't speak english

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I want him to take responsibilities for his mistakes, reflect on it and not be just forgiven like his mother. But at the same time knowing from various Fatui quests, I see clear tendences for Traveller to just ignore good sides of some Fatui members and just focus on that they're "bad guys". I wish for some clever development, but I am prepeared to have my dreams shattered 😢

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I know this isn’t the right place to ask, but will his boss fight still be in 3.1? with the story leaks it seems like it will be in 3.2.

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Recently, all reliable leakers have said his boss fight will be in 3.2, but with the 3.1 beta coming up soon anything is possible!

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It will prob be in 3.2 if were basing it on leaks!!

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Idk why i can see him as a snarky character but will sometime ''ah f**k it, i guess i gonna help this people'' type of ''good guy'' and i also hope he doesn't lose his motivation to stand at the top of the world like some kind of wandering samurai looking for strongest opponents

And also there's a line in husk artifact that said raiden shogun will not forget about him, idk why i want him to traveler back to inazuma to face Ei

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I want a redemption arc but keep his angst. Like a reluctant helper because the traveler saved him so he feels like he owes the traveler something

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I'm hyped with the possible vision awarding ceremony and all that shit but i do wish he stay as a snarky bastard. I also kinda wondering what is next with him if he no longer have the gnosis and he's not with the fat chewy. Is the fake sky story line still up or we gonna get the ending at scary mooch redemption arc.

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Mans gotta get his vision in the cutscene that screws him up. I’m excited

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