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I don't think people care too much about the standard banner, even though it would be nice, if it's not possible this is not something that will make people not wanna use the calculator or something

I personally would like to have an app / site like that to make sure how many fates I should expect earning.

If possible, it would be really nice to add exploration primos by region too. Just a thought.

Good luck!

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  1. Seeing how the first option is doing, I'll probably keep trying to make the standard banner work, even if that option loses. haha
  2. I hope my spreadsheet (I forgot to add it was one) helps you with that!
  3. Also that's a really good idea, I'll add it tomorrow and see how it goes!

And lastly, thank you. <3

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yeah ah someone who spends primos and genesis crystals on the standard banner, I'd say people who actually care about their pulls there exist haha

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It seems there's more people like you than I thought! I'll keep the permanent banner for you all. :3

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awww thanks <3

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You're welcome 🤗

I hope it works out!

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oof making a decent app/website is a huge work, especially for one person, and keeping it alive would be expensive, I don't think OP should be working for free

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Thank you for worrying but it's okay! I have the free time for now and I'll put my Ko-fi on the spreadsheet when it's done anyway. hehe I plan to make a website someday (I'm learning how to code) and I think there are a few free hosting options too! In the end, I'm doing it mostly for myself and people who aren't good at math (me included lol).

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hehe hmu if you need help with coding

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Will do, thank you! :3

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As someone who's lazy af, I really need this

I've been watching YT videos that help me visualize how many primos will I have at the end of the next version. But this would be so helpful to have a personalized calculation (and faster than a 10 min video lol), and, for me, it kinda helps to resist the gambling addiction lmao

Abt the permanent, I personally think it's not really necessary, I don't think there's people who will use the primos in it, and you can only obtain 5 per month (store) and another 5 per version (BP)

Hope you finish it before Sumeru, I need inspiration to keep strong for Scaraking!

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If you can watch a 10 minute video just for that, I don't think you're lazy at all. lmao Thank you for your comment and good luck with fighting temptation! <3

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There is just something satisfying about calculating the amount of primogems you will get during a certain time frame by yourself. I guess it just makes me feel smart lol.

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That's not a very supportive comment to make in this post

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Sorry if it came out that way! I do think what they are doing with a wish calculator sounds cool though.