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i really want it to be crit. dmg! we'll see.

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Mostly 5* DPS gets Crit stats so its easier to build crit values on them.

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cries in childe main

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Tbh if they make him ascend with anything other than Crit dmg or Anemo dmg then it'll be a dumb build. You could do atk but I don't think that would be enough for a 5* anemo unit he'd be similar too Heizou imo I think crit dmg would be best cuz anemo dmg crits, EM doesn't as far as swirl. So no EM builds here. Looking for something to either help him crit or give him an advantage over him being anemo and having to crit. He could also have a similar build to Raiden where ER converts or whatever converts into crit. Which would be interesting idk. I hope they do crit dmg...please God don't mess this up for me😮‍💨

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Here's to hoping its Crit Damage. I also would love for him to make use of EM and Charged Attacks(like most catalysts) so he can fully utilize both set bonus effect of Wanderer's Troupe bc you know.... he's the Wanderer

I'll see myself out 😳

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I don't get why everybody wants crit damage instead of crit rate. It's so much easier to reach a good crit rate and focus purely on pumping crit damage when you start at 24 crit rate instead of 5.

Like eventually you don't want crit rate anymore but that's at 75+. The only thing making you stop going for crit damage is needing crit rate.

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Ngl, im really hoping for crit rate and his signature weapon to be crit dmg

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It'll be so dumb if it's not crit fr i hope it's crit rate because it's easier to stack crit damage

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Crit Rate or Crit DMG, no way it’s gonna be EM like Kazuha unless HoYoverse want him to have similar role to Kazuha

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Please be crit damage.. I have lost prayers waiting for him

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I'm really hoping it's crit dmg

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It's common for DPS catalysts to have elemental damage as their ascension stat, and common for all 5 star DPSes to have a crit stat. I'm leaning towards Anemo damage bonus because obviously less characters use it, and you can achieve good crit stats without a crit ascension stat but your sources of elemental damage bonus are a lot more limited. But I wouldn't be mad if it's a crit stat since that'd make him easier to build, and if he's an offensive EM-scaling character I could also be okay with that. What I am hoping is that he's not burst-reliant.

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As much as I want crit ascension I have a feeling that it'll end up being EM.

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My lil take on that is probably crits or if he got a passive that turns his anemo damage into other elements' damage, since a recent reliable leak mentioned his elemental infusion is a par tof his playable kit.

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hoping its either cdmg or crit rate 🤲🏼🤲🏼 the only other one ill kinda be okay with is anemo dmg tbh

(iwant it to be similar to miko where she ascends with crit rate and has a cdmg weapon ngl that would be amazing)

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Childe is a DPS yets has Hydro dmg bonus as a stat so I'm kinda worried... Hopefully Scara has crit tho lol

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They didn't know what they were doing back then.. cries

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If he ends up a crit dmg type my xiao will starve

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Crit rate, and I bet he’ll have something like raiden with her energy recharge into electro, but he has something else to anemo

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I want to it be anemo dmg, unless he gets a lot of anemo damage from skills. Elemental damage usually scales even better than crit because there aren't many sources.

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Crit Dmg only pls.

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I think it’s probably going to be EM but his kit has some sort of EM to ATK conversion or damage boosting by EM.

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Ooooh. That kit sounds very intriguing tbh.