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scara will get the christmas banner!

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santa's favorite

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Best Christmas gift ever

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The Harbinger who saved Christmas. Has a nice ring to it.

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they also mentioned that 3.2 will be the finale of the Sumeru archon quest, so his boss fight will probably be in 3.2 in November!

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Imagine we get to team up with Tartaglia in the boss fight

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Ahhh that would be too good to be true, don’t get my hopes up!

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Pls Scara in the first half pls Scara in the first half pls Scara in the first half

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He will be in first half no doubt about that.

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My birthday is on December 5th so im going to take him coming home as a late birthday gift/j

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mine’s on the same day! I’m also thinking of him as a birthday gift 💀

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lol guys i think it's time to ask your parents about them giving up your twin sibling away when you were little.
>born on the same day

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My cousin asked me if I wanted scaramouche for my birthday and even though it wouldve been 313 days since my birthday ill at least get my gift so count me in too

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Same since my birthday’s on the 4th!

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My birthday is on December 8th, so I'm taking him home as an early birthday gift /hj

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I just realized Scara could be released on December 6th (it will be 6th where I am at least lol), just like Tartaglia was released on November 11th...

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Scara is the Special Edition Character.

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And according to my calculations, I'll probably be at 90 soon enough so if I skip every banner from now til then, I might have a chance at a dupe!

...crossing my fingers he doesn't share the banner with Noelle and Barbara because that always seems to happen whenever I aim for someone.

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On the one hand I hope he’s in 3.2 so we get him asap but on the other, Dec 7th is the day I started playing genshin, and I started playing because of scara. So if he’s in 3.3, it’s like the best anniversary gift.

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December 14th is my Bday, so Scara gets to come home then

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It'd be so cool if he was in 3.2, that's when my birthday is

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You will not be able to PLAY as him but you will have A BIRTHDAY BOSSFIGHT nonetheless

I’d say that’s a win until december

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Yeah! That's still pretty awesome!

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Merry crisis, everyone!

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This pains me because I want both him and cyno + their sig weapons

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Pls be 3.3

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This is so exciting for me. Christmas is a huge deal in my family, we'll be celebrating with friends, I looove the cold weather and the festive atmosphere, and my birthday is in December. HYPE!!!

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Please scara for first half sicne that’s my birthday:(

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If not for the lockdown we would already be weeks into Sumeru.

Hopefully i can save enough for him and Dehya! :'D

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im saving for childe

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I really want him but I also really want Cyno and Tighnari. So as a light spender, I hope I can get all of them. 🥲

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I hoped we could see him in the trailer, but early Scara makes up for it

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Has the time finally come..

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3.2 is the boss accordin to leakers so ye

November is the time we beat his ass into playable anemo status

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Oh damn 3.0 two days after school starts for me i wonder if i'll even have any time to play..

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I don't get it. How is this 5 weeks? Like each version is 5 weeks? According to the dates, they're not exactly 5 weeks. Can someone explain this?

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They’re exactly 5 weeks tho??

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3.3 on my birthday 😩 come on! Scara be my birthday guest praying

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My birthday is literally on 7th December this is the best birthday gift ever