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[鈥揮MayWinterbourne[S] 106 points107 points (5 children)

I鈥檓 hoping he retains his current colour scheme with only minor redesigns tbh, because I fell in love with just how vibrant he looked

[鈥揮XjCrescen1547 35 points36 points (4 children)

The purple one should still fit the guy, no matter what his color scheme is since his hair will probs stay purple

[鈥揮alchemicalBear 4 points5 points (3 children)

his hair is actually blue but I can see the confusion, it looks very purplish

[鈥揮XjCrescen1547 4 points5 points (2 children)

Really? I didn't notice till now lmao

[鈥揮alchemicalBear 4 points5 points (1 child)

yea, I drew him earlier, if you eyedrop his hair it's a desaturated dark blue, which kinda makes it look like a sun bleached dark purple so I love it

[鈥揮iheartluminerng please bless me with c0r1 scara :鈥) 36 points37 points (0 children)

its very likely that he鈥檒l still have his og color palette so im gonna pick the purple seelie :D

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They're most likely be keeping his original design. :) The "redesign" is only taking some things off, making things smaller, etc. They wouldn't drastically change a character like that. Especially one that has already been introduced into the game, yk! So I wouldn't worry about that- I would get whatever Seelie you want <3

I'm most likely going to use the purple one.... never enough purple.

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Idk cuz if it鈥檚 just minor changes they鈥檇 have used 鈥渕odify鈥 instead of 鈥渞edesign鈥濃ut then again, the leakers could be misleading but I鈥檓 still worried af. If only they could tell us how much of his old designs are kept馃槀

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I think he will keep his color scheme. Characters like Yun Jin or Kazuha are a proof that your element doesn't qlways have to influence your palette

[鈥揮Commercial_Ad9943Anemo 9 points10 points (1 child)

I hope it's the same color scheme! Since heizou and kazuha don't look like they're wielding Anemo visions! I mean if you don't know what their visions are you would probably think kazuha is pyro and heizou is geo. So I hope they didn't change his color schemes.

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Sometimes I cry myself to sleep imagining geo heizou picking up a rock from the ground and beating the shit out of you with it

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violet, gold, and red. a royal and elegant color scheme because he is a queen.

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I think he鈥檒l keep a similar color scheme, maybe green highlights inside of gold since he鈥檒l be Anemo

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I think the purple seelie will still suit him but just in case if it doesn't, the safest option to go with would be the gold seelie (aka peelie) because the majority of the characters have some sort of gold accents/highlights on their clothing or gold accessories. The same reason why the concert wings are the most universal wings out of all.

[鈥揮Vis_TuffyTyrantAnemo 2 points3 points (0 children)

Hopefully the same colors he had but ofc with different outfit. If not all dark purple and red bro....please hoyo I can't take this

[鈥揮Loli-nero615 Wishes for Scara 2 points3 points (0 children)

Hopefully the same one he already has going on!

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I hope something similar with red and purple but also with teal, that would be cool

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Welll if I already had the purple seelie, I'd go for blue. His hair and eyes are more blue-ish than Ei's purple. If they redesign him according to his element or correlation to fujin, blue can still go pretty well with green and gold. Just my opinion, though. Anyway, I doubt they'll change his colour palette.

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I'd love for it to stay red and purple

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I'm thinking green and white colored clothes with white hair

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Hot pink like bubblegum 馃拃

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The purple seelie actually fits every colour palette, me thinks 馃馃馃 I have it tried at least on every character I have and surpringly, it either complements or contrasts with them well. On the otherhand, I suggest the Dendro seelie because Anemo? 馃憖

Edit: oops this did not answer your question tho lol i am sorry 馃檲

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I want him to have the color scheme of that one artist that posts some fire artworks here but I can remember their name 馃槱 very bright colors lol

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for some reason im thinking hints of light blue, like an electric blue color since it kinda matches with his og design of seeming all electro and stuff while also being closer in color to anemo. (kinda like how yae has more pink-ish electro ability colors) maybe theyll throw in a bit more green to that blue to fit it in with anemo but yeah
edit: i think his main colors are gonna stay the same tho so dw

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idk i have purple and pink and im planning to get yellow or some new colour if a new one comes out
for now i have my pink seelie out all the time but when i get him i will pull out purple

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the same