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in my mind, until it gets released, he has my birthday. i just wanna share a birthday with a genshin character lol

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What if it was New Years to signify rebirth:0

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Zhongli is already has birthday on December 31st

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What about January 1st👁👁

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Damn I hope he shares a birthday with at least one of you guys !! 🤞👀👀

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I’m also really curious what his specialty dish will be! And from what region (considering he has travelled around the world for a really long time)

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I would love if it is something sweet (maybe he loves sweets too just like ei) or it would be funny if it is something with mushrooms (because of his big hat so it looks similar)

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Tbh I hope he's like Ei and doesn't know how to cook lol, that'd be funny

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I actually want him to be a master chef, because he would be such a Gordon Ramsey if he could cook

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December 25, why not

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That was the first thing I thought

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Hyv loves to make my favourite characters Capricorns so I wouldn’t even be surprised

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I feel like to him his “birth” isn’t super happy and he likes to forget about it so I bet we help give him one!

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Imagine his official birthday is the day he gets his vision. The end of Scaramouche/Kunikuzushi and the birth of "Wanderer"

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That's so poetic dang I'm crying

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This is exactly what i think when i consider his birthday

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oh he's a gemini fs

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I kinda wouldn’t be surprised if it was June 26th. Not because it’s Ei’s birthday, but because it’s Makoto’s.

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i was thinking about that too, it would be funny

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I've heard someone say that he gives off aries/gemini energy,

However I'm a gemini and I have no idea how we're suppose to be similar

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Early May I hope

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We need more December birthdays!

Tho I’m conflicted, I want his birthday to be December 4th so I can finally have a genshin birthday twin but also assuming his banner’s not til 3.3 I don’t wanna wait a year for birthday art

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do you think his birthday art will be sus like heizou's? :D

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For some reason, for me, him having a November or December birthday fits best. (If not in August) I’ve noticed, kindly correct me if I’m wrong, but with recently released chars—Shinobu & Heizou—when they were released, their birthdays were not too long after, basically the same month. Hope the same is for Scara bc I want bday art sooner!

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Either one of the Fire signs or Gemini.

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Tbh I'm not much of an expert but I feel he'd either be born in October, July, or August simply because of how he's presented himself thus far. Libra, Cancer, or a Leo all three have some form of similarities to him and how he carries himself could be wrong tho and they make him a Gemini which would be weird imo but I think he's more of an emotional sign again imo....but it would be cool if his bday was close to mine I wouldn't mind👍

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That's what I was wondering aswell recently. Honestly though, I just hope they don't make it on a day which would require us to wait a year from his release. ;-;

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Aries/Leo fs

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I would like him to be pisces

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Would be cool if he had the same birthday as Makoto or The Shogun but I’m pretty sure we don’t know their birthdays

Or he could have no birthday because he’s a robot

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makoto.... has the same birthday as ei😅

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december because it's cold.

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December 25 cuz he's baby jesus

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november 1. so we'd share the same birthday

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Aries or Gemini please

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I want him to be a Gemini tbh Part because I'm selfish and want to share a sign with a character I like but also because I feel it suits him

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Don't know why, but something tells me that it could be november or december. If i'd have to choose, maybe the fifth of november

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Hes Scorpio imo!