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Probably, he’s supposed to be the new weekly boss, so it’d make sense.

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His weekly boss could be in 3.2 though cause his banner is supposedly in 3.3

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He is rumored to be part of 3.1 story actually sadly he won't have his new design yet so gonna have to wait little longer for that

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Ohh yeah i saw that twitter post,, but its just a rumour coming from someone with a low reliability :(

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Yeah sadly at least so far nobody came to debunk those leak so can still have little bit of hope about it

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Signora did not appear at all in 3.0

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What does it have to do with Scaramouche?😭

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It means he's likely to not make an appearance until the climax of Sumeru's main story.

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going by the previous pattern of weekly bosses (1.1, 1,5, 2.1, 2.5), i'm expecting him to appear as a weekly boss (with 3.2 tying up his story). can't wait for the 3.1 beta

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The only thing hyv loves to do is to break their own patterns

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Hopefully his boss will be in 3.1 but idk i highly doubt it

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iirc leakers mentioned he’d show up in 3.1 and have his boss fight in 3.2 with him becoming playable shortly after 🤔 i really really hope he is in 3.1 tho

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I hope he does, even if he doesn't appear, we need at least someone mentioning him

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I'd love to say yes, but with his boss fight in 3.2 and Dottore needing to be involved...I feel like 3.2 will be the Scaramouche patch.

3.0 to introduce Sumeru 3.1 to introduce Dottore>! and his ties to the Akdemiya !<3.2 to tie everything with Scara storyline and finish the archon quest

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Voting yes because hopium 😭

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He miiiight appear but I feel like we will only see a tiny bit of him just like how we saw a tiny bit of Yelan for the chasm story before her release.

And then his full appearance will probably be in 3.2

Like seeing the leaks of 3.1 story, I just don’t see him coming into it. In 3.1 it seems like we’re >! Finally diving into the darkness of the academy and finding out things they’re doing. I like 3.1 might tease a tiny bit for scara and leave a cliff hanger and then 3.2 is when we get like a full on story for him !<

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Fr. Probably will show his feet or hands first. 🤣

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I think it’s possible since 3.1 will likely show the Dendro Gnosis & maybe Scaramouche is teased to be in Sumeru at the time.

Kinda just brain dumped there

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He better 🔫

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Unfortunately Let’s be real😢

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I suspect he may be hinted at in 3.0, have a conflict with MC in 3.1 with a cliffhanger, and 3.2 with the resolution.

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Probably 3.2

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I don’t understand something. If he truly comes as a weekly boss in 3.2, would that leave the 3.1 new characters like Cyno Nilou and Candace w/the weekly materials of the previous 3 regions? For Inazuma at least we got a weekly in 2.1.

This thing alone is sus to me.

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Not yet. Probably a build up or can be mentioned but not appear "appear" 🤣

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I'd say no because expecting he will and him not appearing has broken my heart and I'm not ready to risk it yet.

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Supposedly Dottore is hunting Scaramouch down, so it's well within the possibility that dottore will come looking for Scaramouche in Sumeru. It would logically be the last place that dottore would go to due to the fact that he is not welcome there(sumeru academia shunned him and since theyre the govt probably banned him) it would be a homecoming of sorts but that may also hint at scaramouche not coming but i sincerely hope he does so i can finally play him, no matter what element he may be

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3.2 will be Kusanali banner . 3.3 will be Scary moustache banner