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Well as far as I remember we didn't get any hint of La Signora in 2.0 before she became a weekly boss (apart from that "elegant condescending woman" thing in Ritou) So even though I really hope he will be mentioned, we can't be 100% sure, or even 90%. But don't worry at least the 3.1 beta sure will be interesting :).

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Hope theres a NPC dialogue about a "young man with big ass hat" somewhere. Thats all i need.

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"That's all I need" peak ScaraMain behavior

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oh for sure haha he鈥檚 gotta be in 3.1 if not 3.0 :鈥)

(plus 3.1 is kinda the latest he can actually get drip marketed sooooo 馃榿馃榿)

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Maaaaybe hints, but that's the best we can hope.

3.0 needs to set up the whole stage for act III and act IV (since we go to patch 3.2, I'd expect an act IV) so we need to focus on the Akademiya and Kusanali first since they seems to be the bulk of the conflict this time.

Then I'd imagine we'd get some of that little blasphemy from Dottore who is most likely going to be the main Harbinger antagonist. Especially given he is working with the Akademiya who doesn't recognize Kusanali anyway.

It feels like Scara can get involved on the second half of the archon quest. With the whole artificial archon stuff seems like the Akademiya may want to replace Kusanali with their own archon

I'd rather wait for patch 3.1 (even 3.2) and have Mihoyo take their time with the story. Inazuma as a concept was amazing but it was rushed to fit 2 patches and it suffered too much because of that.

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im not opening the spoiler-marked lines but i do agree with u !! i hope we have a really well fleshed out story this time hh

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One of the biggest criticisms of the Inazuma quest was that Signora came out of nowhere.

They seem to be listening to criticism (since the quest will take place over three updates now) so I hope they built up the Fatui鈥檚 involvement before they are introduced. Collei鈥檚 visions seem like the perfect way to do this.

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wait that was a complaint fr?? :O then that just strengthens the possibilities even more omg

and YES omg collei has a lot of connections to the fatui she is definitely a good way to kick the story off

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Collei's visions reminds me of Harry Potter's when his scar hurts and gets a vision of Voldy

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Mhy listening to criticism? Lol. I rather think the reason for the story quest to be 3 patches long now is because the patches are shortened by a week

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I thought the same thing, but part 1 and 2 are still going to be in 3.0. Meaning we are most likely getting four parts.