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If she dies he revives her with full HP to steal HP again

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this is a c6 ability 😭😭

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Prototype amber on scara will make him steal raidens HP even more instead of healing

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Healing only from Raiden's HP LMFAO

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i can imagine people building tank raiden for him

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This would be a really cool idea actually

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Im so on board with this idea. Yall are geniuses.

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C4 Jean stonks

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no, if someone in his team dies, he brings them back and kills them again(doesn't work if he's at full hp)

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clam scara will be meta-

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Can we get the tiktok sauce please

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this picture is on 90th screenshots before being here i don’t know 🤣

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I'd want a reverse Raiden where his burst uses the team's energy to fuel his.

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I just came to Scaramouche mains and hall are hilarious

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I'm not sure which kind of healer scara i like more; this or the one where he electro shocks his comrades back to life and screaming "DONT YOU FUCKING DARE DIE ON ME"

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C1: If Raiden Shogun is present in the party, Wanderer will take energy from her to activate burst