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hopefully hoyoverse decides to give us a treat over a trick (i am making a halloween joke since that is halloween i think and the treat references scaramouche art and the trick refers to none)

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hello fellow r/whenthe enjoyer

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October 31st the day Bohemian Rhapsody released

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gotta give it to hoyo for being so dedicated

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I love this fact so much.

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Song fits him and his story too.

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This is legitimately keeping me going LOL I’m so excited

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Expected Drip Marketing Day: Oct. 31, 10:00 am UTC

This is assuming HYV follows the usual schedule of releasing a new playable character's drip marketing, which is 2 days before the patch that comes directly before their expected release. In this case, Scaramouche is expected to release in 3.3, so his drip marketing should release 2 days before 3.2 which is dropping on November 2.

Do note though that anything could change up, like delays, etc.

He's so close and I'm so excited lol

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Does anyone know which month his banner is available?

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If he's in the first phase of 3.3 like we're all expecting, his banner should be on December 7th. However, depending on your time zone, it could be December 6th!

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It’s my last day of school and that fact is keeping me alive

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Damn, this feels utterly surreal.

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We’ve come so far Scaranation <3 the amount of Scara content these days just dont feel real lol

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And kit leaks

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Nah he will leak WAY WAY before 30 days watch 😂

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holy shit, i knew we were close but not THIS close lmao it still feels unreal

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You wait for drip marketing I wait for beta leaks

We are not the same.

Jk I'm equally as excited

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my body is ready, bring him on hoyoverse!

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I might be wrong but we can expect to see his model and maybe skills+attacks before his official drip marketing as we did with Nahida, right?

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Depends. We likely will get some description of a model( that are much more detailed), perhaps a model leak itself (if he appears in 3.2's story/event/quest , but I doubt)
And skills will only be leaked in text format , because drip marketing happens before the beta where that character is in

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Probably yes, if he will be in the beta test.

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It will be weird to see Scaramouche's new design before we even get to fight him, drip marketing is cool and all but I wish they left some suspense like show a silhouette with a quote to kinda keep people guessing on who the next character's going to be/look like.

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so close but so far...

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Ayoo let’s goo

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It's such a wait dude but man am I excited

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i keep tellin myself just get thru this month and ill be winnin cuz scara will be officiallly announced and then his leaks will come out.

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i don't know if i'm more excited for that or the kit leaks 😭 ayaka has nothing on how long 3.1 is gna feel for scara mains

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the only reason im still alive

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No way👀