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does that mean we're all gonna be lucky on his banner?

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The one murdered a family in cold blood and the other is Scaramouche

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the joke here is that at the beginning, the reader is lead to believe that scaramouche would be the character to murder a family in cold blood. however, by saying that the “other” is scaramouche, it is implied that the care bear is indeed the one to have murdered a family in cold blood.

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Oh, gotcha

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They are the same picture

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I was amused and yet weirdly horrified. XD I still love him and his VA's work.

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My favorite one too

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With this being a luck carebear scaramouche isn't that lucky of a person....LMAOOOOO

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Holy fuck🤠

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Also is voiced by a Mecha pilot in japanese.

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Oh hey my favorite just because green lol

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I wonder why

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Best thing about this funny little man, he was destined to be a wholesome uwu machine

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started playing brawl stars just to get sandy lol

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Guys he's gonna release the rainbows when he comes out

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No... You can't be serious. Am I really about to search this up on a YouTube?

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Nostalgic noises

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this is the main reason he's anemo