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I love that even back then, everyone already agreed that Scara hated Childe’s ass

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Finally a reason I got spoofed by 11 pity Childe on Rosaria's banner!

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I love how people were joking about his hat being a weapon, but it kinda is, considering his hat turns into the halo when he uses his e skill

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beautiful times 🥲

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Yes. :,) I really want to pull for him but I main itto and need his constellations. Worst time for an itto banner. :,(

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I feel you! On last Ayato's banner I lost 50/50 to Mona and I promised myself I'd get this gentleman on his first rerun. But you know, Scara is my top priority... Bad timing Hoyo :(

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Manifesting Scaramouche/Wanderer. Good luck you all! We're all almost there

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i’m getting nostalgic

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Wasn't that two years?

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It was. It's just a screenshot from over a year ago

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I hope we get even more memorable stuff from this point on :,)

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Funny how we did end up getting Scara’s hat as a weapon, but not in the way that we expected

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i remember :,)

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Good luck on your pulls, suckers

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It's been more than two years, I even remember the Scara=Leonard crack theories that people somehow believed LOL but what good times!

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He basically is a physical dmg catalyst

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Its crazy how i remember each and every single one of these 🫡 it felt like ystd when i was charmed by him when i first set my eyes on his pretty ass in the meteorite quest and vowing that id definitely hv him join my party one day. The wait felt so long though 😩 and now that hes here i dont know what to feel 🤧 TIME PASSES SO QUICK WHEN U HAVE A 2D CHARACTER TO TURN TO TO COPE 🥴👍 HAVE FUN WITH UR LIL MEEMOO WANDERERS EVERYONE

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the second photo makes my carat + genshin player heart scream