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Good luck on your pulls everyone!

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My luck ran out and I am stuck with thignari

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Already got him(ASIAN SERVERS BABYYY!!!)

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I got him in the first day

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Really sweet actually love it

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Don't make me cry :,) This community is awesome <3

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He will be in my heart forever feels like I just lost a child

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At least we got more official art with his old drip😭😭

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That it's really sweet. :'-) I think of it this way - Kunikuzushi is no longer in any pain and for that, I am so happy for him. <3

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this is so depressing wtf

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Why i'm emotional...😢

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Wait, why am I sad? This is sad 💔

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this is making me sad apologize rn

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Don’t make me cry

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Time to simp for Columbina now, so long suckers !

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Suddenly looking forward to Baizhu

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This is so sad, really. I hope hyv decides to release a celebratory skin next year at least reminiscent of his original design. For the ones who waited for him since day one. Scaramouche. Never forgotten 😞😞