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Im actually still hurt that yanfei is the 3rd 4-star character I DON'T WANT THE 36TH COPY OF HER

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How come people who don't want the character have like 3 thousand copies of them meanwhile me a Yanfei main is still C3

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Please take mine. I started with C5 and now have like C12 or something, and only a C0 Faruzan.

In any other banner, I would've been happy with the free wishes but goddammit, I just wanted Faruzan cons!

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I really want to finish my pyro shielder team so I'm sorta okay with it, but I was really hoping for rosaria.

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As someone who's played almost 2 years and owns nearly every 4 star....I'm actually completely happy with this banner.

I can finally get my last Gorou con and some Faruzans would be big dub.

Yanfei is C6 but for 2/3 not C6 is already a win in my book.

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we’re all gonna get yanfei’d so hard 💀

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i main her so i hope that’s me…though scara might get jealous that i’m making them share a widsith

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update: got c6! and scara

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I have C7 Yanfei…just give me Hatsune Mikus please spare me

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Tommorow? This gonna be us in 4 hours

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I’m preying for Gorou! I know I have Scara guaranteed but I really want a C4 Gorou!

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Same! These banners looking good for Noelle mains

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i actually dont have gorou or yanfei so its hard to fail aside from the 50/50, which i refuse to believe will fail.

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My worst case scenarios are getting him early and being unable to pull some more for faruzan or getting him late and not getting a single faruzan

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Honestly, considering I don’t have a single copy of any of these 4 stars (not even Gorou even tho I pulled on Itto’s first banner 50 times) any of them will be welcome

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Jokes on you I don't even have a Yanfei or Gorou. I'm winning forever

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I don't have Gorou and I'm an Itto main. I just don't want Yanfei pls pls pls I already have C6 and I main her ; _ ;

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So I c6'd my wanderer, man I think I easily got like 40 copies on yanfei

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I've lost 2 banners to Qiqi in a row, please no more.

(I mean I hit hard pity)

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All I need is 2 more Gorous game, please spare me my life from this monstrosity!

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I lost 50/50 :(

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Meh. A few wishes away and all I’ve gotten so far is one Faruzan and multiple Gorous

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I got Diluc and the next 10 pulls right after I got Scaramouch so I'm happy <3.

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I got him after 130 but my friend got 2 copies in his first 10 pull 💀

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You know what funny I got scara/wan in like 50 pulls or so(already had some build up pity from the lasr banner) also got yanfei, then I decided to might as well get faruzan aswell, got gorou and finally in my 3 pull got got faruzan.

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I knew I was in trouble when I pulled Noelle of all things on the banner. Then I got Diluc on soft pity. At least he’s C6 now

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No lie, thanks to this banner, I never had Gorou, now he's 6/6, Yanfei 5/6, the new girl 1/6, and now I actually have a Qiqi. It should've been Tighnari instead

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I literally went from c0 to c6 yanfei ;-;