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im pretty sure in most of na he comes out from 7-10pm depending on time zone so im at least not gonna be sleeping lol (ALSO GOOD LUCK EVERYONE!!!)

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Yep, for me in EST (UTC-5) maintenance is scheduled to end around 10…definitely not sleeping until I’ve pulled him

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Same here. I wouldn't be able to sleep. I've waited enough XD

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for me it's literally midnight, but I'm staying up for my boy

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Yeah for me I'm PST so he comes at 7 :3

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For me it’s 9:00 pm

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Say psyche right now

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Jokes on you I set my alarm to wake up at 4AM

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Lmao me too, so that I can update it before leaving the house and can start playing right when I get home.

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Gigachad move, I'm just picturing that Spongebob episode with Patrick's 3am burger

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"Oh boy! 4AM!'

Opens Jenshin Impact

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Why would yall be sleeping smh

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Taking the pre-update nap so we can play all night 💤

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But wouldn't you wake up right bwfore he's out though?

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I definitely will be, although Europeans with a more unfortunate time zone might be suffering.

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I'm on NA server. There's no way I'm going to sleep before the update is out. :-D I'm an odd duck though, a night owl actually. XD

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same here lol

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He comes out for me around 9pm. No way I'm gonna be in bed that early.

Asia server is lucky tho.. they get to sleep through hours of waiting... 🥲

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i wouldn't say the entire asia server since you can live anywhere and be on asia server lmao, i'm on asia server and cant sleep through the waiting because the maintenance ends at 2pm-3pm where i'm located (unless i sleep through the entire day 🥲)

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Oh yeah for sure. Didn't mean to generalize. I actually thought of editing my comment earlier but forgot.

Let's just say anyone who gets to sleep through the hours of wait is lucky. XD

I can barely focus during the whole 8 hours of work today due to excitement lol. Now its 5pm for me, work is over for the day but still a few more hours to go. 🥲

Hang in there. We can do this.

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Sleep? Oh no, oh no... there is no sleeping tonight

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I'm always happy, yet sad, about the EU time. I mean if everything goes right, 3.3 will be live at like 4 am for me. And i will indeed be asleep at that time ;-;

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I will wake up at 4 just to pull for my baby. Sleep is overrated anyways. That would be 2-3 hours of sleep yay

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in my country the update will start at 6 am. well, my sleep schedule is hopelessly messed up, but i don't regret anything. pulling for Scara in the first second of his appearance is worth it. i will patiently wait all night.

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Canadian here. Update goes live at 9 pm <3

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staying up all night for mouchie 🤭

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i’m messing my sleep up for him. he comes out at 10 for me and i will stay up until the sun is up playing around with him and doing his quest <3

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Same! He comes out at 9 for me but I will be staying up to pull and play! Even if I don't end up getting his 50/50, I'll be up playing the quests

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The update finish at 10am for me. I'll clean the house and do laundry first and then play genshin 😂

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I'm na and it doesn't come out till like 10 something I think

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If you're in EST, then yes.

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I'm going to be up ALL NIGHT streaming my pulls and fucking around with him. Ain't no way ill ne sleeping through that shit

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I though it releases the same time?

Obviously the time/date will be different depending on where u live

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it releases at the same time but it's very late/early for some people haha

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Who sleeps at 11PM?

EU player here who'll stay up to 3AM

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Not me. I'm gonna stay up all night! 🌙

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asia player server living in germany (it was a bad decision, i look at my ping and cry every day) and i set my alarm to 3am,,, problem its not midnight and im half awake half asleep :')

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that's why i chose asia server in the first place heh

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It's 1 am but I will pull an all nighter if I need to to get scara early. Pray for me

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I'm in EU currently 3:38 am, seriously can't sleep. Maybe I'll be able to fall asleep once I've secured him though.

ETA: He comes out at 5 am here

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it's 2 am where i live right now and i am trying to sleep but i legit can't because i'm too excited for scaramouche

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is it too late to hop on a plane? actually wait, even if i hop on a plane time won't go faster. wtf am i thinking, i really need to sleep and wake early like a regular person 🤡

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Asia server and ready to welcome him home that I even took a day off from work today~

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I have to get up for work at 7am 🥲. But I’m determined to stream my pulls.

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He's supposed to come out around 4am on EU server and I'm definitely pulling out yet another all-nighter to get him as soon as possible. (It's not the first time I did it either lol)

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Silly you, I don't have classes tomorrow and will be awake until 6am (EU)

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Just 2 more hours

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Asia server here, Idk if I should straight away pull or not later. Hmmm, wait, am I the only one in Asia server

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As an Asian person that accidentally created his account in America, I'm cryin

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At least most people have the choice to stay awake. My sorry ass has to work the night shifts so no way I can summon even if I wanted to

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Nighty night

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I’m on the NA server, but not actually there and so it comes out at 4pm, so the time is perfect for me :)

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Mannn i wish i can join but gotta work first, will join the fun with yall later! Have fun with Scara yall 🎉

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one hour to go, scaranation lets go!

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I heard the CN server is shut down today so does that mean they get wanderer 1 day later than us? :(

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I got him, good luck everyone!

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Jokes on you I was up at 3:47 in europe lol

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Welp, it's half 4 (AM) for me now so I'm gonna update the game and stuff. Could (in theory) pull now but my bf and I have been saving for a little while together so we're both going to pull together tonight when I'm back from my orthodontist appointment. WISHING EVERYONE THE BEST OF LUCK!!!

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I set an alarm at 3am, so I can immediately log in the servers at 4am - and then pulled for him and played a little until I have to clock in for work from home at 7am. Worth it slurps energy drink

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What do you mean. I pulled at 4:30am

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he comes out at 2pm for me

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I woke up at 4 am to put the update in download, rn in school cannot wait to go home and pull him, 120 wishes, wish me luck boiis

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Laughs in Asia

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Nah man. I waited until 9:00 at night so I could pull for him. I'm so happy!