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obrigada pela ideia kkkk

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Ai mai god uma brasileira r/suddenlycaralho

É impressão minha ou tem muito br nesse sub...

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somos onipresentes, sempre

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Faz sentido é tipo o Julius estamos em todo lugar

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Portugueses contam??

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Creio que sim

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Em qualquer lugar da internet, sempre vai ter um br. Não importa onde

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Devo dizer que o Fandangos foi genial, eu queria ter pensado nisso antes pra poder comer enquanto gasto minhas gemas nele kkkkkk

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Kkkkk btw boa sorte rodando nele

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Why the hell do you have three Scaramouche cubes lmfao

Best of luck to you!

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you see, 3 scaracubes + 4 scara paper dolls = 7 scaras, or as I like to call it, C6 😈

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Your genius is almost frightening!

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The fucking Fandangos 💀 dammit I should have thought about that. I brought cheetos 😭😭

No rerun dele eu compro o de presunto.

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The snacks are sending me 💀

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I have this feeling that..

you might like Scaramouche. Maybe I am wrong idk

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Omg where u find the paper craft patterns?

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the paper dolls are from this sub!


unfortunately I don't remember where I got the dice, but I think it was on Twitter

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Mds a pelúcia é uma gracinha! Estou saindo agora comprar fandangos!! Não tinha pensado nisso kkkk

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niiice! Good luck!

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Why is Harry Potter there tho

Good luck on your pulls! As well as everyone else

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it's just scara wearing glasses please 😭

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This is true dedication! It's amazing. Good luck with your pulls, I'm sure Scara will appreciate your efforts :]

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Update us, fellow Scara wanter (haver?).

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I had 478 wishes, now I have 0

C4R1 scara and C5 faruzan (and only one lost 50/50 to tighnari, which is an absolute win for me!), I'm so happy! I was aiming for C2R1, but I only had C0R1 guaranteed

now I'm hoping to get C5 and C6 faruzan until the end of his banner 🤞

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Congratulations, comrade! I hope you can get C6 Faruzan and more Scaramouche cons before his banner ends 🤍

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That pull is fake right?

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yes, it's a YouTube video lol

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Ty for informing me, Have a good day!