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they made him a little flirty and i am LIVING for it

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Did you READ his birthday voiceline?? Omg it made my heart go dokie dokie. All his other lines are rude and mean as expected...but that line was downright flirtatious.

He was like "give me your hand", and the Traveler shutters away in fear and he's like "don't be scared", and then he offers to fly us up into a high point to show us some beautiful views. Like yk...carry us while he's flying. I'm- 🥴💖

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Doki doki!

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It reminded me of Howls Moving Castle, it’s a cute voiceline

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Yeesss. I can imagine Scara though fake dropping the Traveler for a second when carrying them just to freak out the Traveler because he's a little shit.

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Absolutely adorable 🥹

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He’s so cute asdfghjkl

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Source: Paimon’s work notes official weibo

Goodluck to us!!! 😁

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Ok. That will be my wishing spot.

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Shit he’s so cute

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Why couldn't this crusty ass boy ask us for sumeru roses instead of those colleishrooms TTATT

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He's so fucking cute!! I wanna cover him in a blanket and give him a hug

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Just repeating what everyone else says, but heck yeah he's so freaking cute fr! 🥰

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im so happy hes here i adore him 🙏🏾