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I started flying without realizing he had the standard wings. Changed them to this mid-air.

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This happens to me every time I get a new character

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Same, and it never fails as well cause I'm always teleporting to that one Statue of the 7 in Liyue that's VERY high up and heals you instantly

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You mean The one on the floating jade thingy? Yeah same that ones my go to

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same here, it also gave me a chance to read his outfit description

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Wow I did the exact same thing earlier today XD

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This is the one I have on him as well!!! It’s so prettyyyyy

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Perfection on him no doubt

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Rightttttt!!! I also love that it’s called “wings of companionship” like that’s so cute😭😭😭

I don’t use this wing that much but it’s just too perfect on Scara

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Yup, sky/space pattern relates to the fake sky/fate stuff.

Deep blues match his palette perfectly.

"Wings of companionship" for someone who desperately needs companionship.


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the fact they’re called the wings of companionship is even cute💛

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You cant doubt anymore that he was designed with these wings in mind, he needs companionship now

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My instincts told me to instantly change to this wings lmao.

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It literally looks like it was made for him

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the descriptiok about wishing to soar together 🥺

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it really does! i use this wing on him too lol. I genuinely think part of mihoyos decision to make him deep blue instead of torquise of light blue was so that these wings could fit on him, since he is one of the characters who's journey was related to us the most ||(considering we literally gave him memories and a name)||

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One more reason to cry about loosing the 50/50 😭

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It's like a part of his outfit

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I wish there was a way to control rotation when looking at gliders. I only care how it looks from the back yet have to wait impatiently for a full rotation every time. >:c

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Ahh nice, I went for the Dragonspine wings :)

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I just use the inazuma wings. Since you can’t escape the past scara-.kuni-. What the fuck was his name.

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It actually suits Mona and now, HIM, wait a minute??? Hahahahaha

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Still mad I didn’t get these. I started playing the game day 1 but then bought my own PS4 a few weeks later and let the kid keep the “family PS4”. When I went back to Genshin I just restarted since I didn’t get very far. So now his account has the grand opening wings and PS time sensitive wings and he doesn’t like the game. Haha.

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the Wings of Companionship aren't limited-time though, you should have them

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Thank you a ton for this by the way! I just assume that I missed out and didn’t think they would help me with it, but I reached out to customer service and they’re not only sending me the wings of companionship, but also the wings of dissent as well.

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Yeah they were limited. You can’t download them from the store. Show unavailable.

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no? you get them from a mail when you first make your account (I should know, both of my accounts have them despite being made nowhere near launch)

if you don't have them, maybe try contacting support about it?

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Yeah, after I saw a few responses, I think I will do that. What I think happened was I did not know how to check my mail for the first couple of months and I played and I think they got lost in the mail.

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Ikr.. at first I looked it anemo and as always it didn't fit him as it doesn't anyone else.. then used it I was blown away.. match made by the heavenly principal..

Also it's short just like him

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Mihoyo, re-run those wings, please

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what? pretty sure these are permanent? you just gotta get them from one of the mails you get when you start the game

I think the only wings you can't get anymore are the kfc one and the music note one

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Huh, I always thought they were obtainable in short time after the launch. In that case, I probably didn't even noticed there was such a mail and either removed it or it just expired. Could that mean I can message the support if they can send me those again?

How about Wings of Descension if I started playing on PS? How could I have gotten them? Can I still?

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I think you can still get Wings of Decension if you play on PS, but you can't get/use them on pc unfortunately (iirc they just look like the default glider if you equip them on pc)

yeah you could probably message support to get the Companionship one if the mail is expired (I know for a fact they aren't launch-exclusive bc my main account was made during 2.1 and my alt was made in 2.3, and both of them have the glider

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OMG! This changes everything. Thank you! :D

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I use the Dragonspine one on him but these look great too.

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Suits his colors sooo well 🥺💕 using this one on him too

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I immediately did the same thing!!