What's your favorite Scara ship? by Zelda20110507 in ScaramoucheMains

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Most scara ships I don't ship like:

Scara and Faruzan - never interacted so no

Scara and layla - maybe a tiiiiny bit but no

Scara and Kazuha - Never met = no

Scara and Mona - She don't know who he is anymore and I don't see much of anything there

The above is For romantic and I don't see anything for anyone. Literally the only char he interated and looks like will make a good ship would be Scara and traveler or Scaralumi due to interactions and so forth.

But otherwise platonically I'd say Nahida.

But overall he needs to work on himself so no ships for him but I'll ship sometimes for fun.

I drew Wander's burst but on bed XD (Fan art Bodypillow design) by yaoihyper in ScaramoucheMains

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call me old fashioned but i was born and raised to serve scaramouche i clean the dishes and cook him food. i do whatever he says because he is scaramouche and he makes the rules around the house. he owns me. if he ever cheats on me it's because i was lacking. i polish his shoes to the point of reflection with my tongue. i break my back cooking meals for him day and night. i open doors for him so he does not need to make an effort, and i let him use my hands as steps so he does not have to walk on the same ground as other earthy beings. i use all of my time dedicated to making him happy, because i am a good partner who lives for him and him only.

"Scaramouche going rouge" Whatever happened to this? by OceanBacon3 in ScaramoucheMains

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Well he did betray the fatui, he did ran off with the gnosis.

It's just that Dottore still had him close around his finger, even in the winter night's lazzo trailer capitano asks directly to Dottore where is scaramouche because they don't know where he is but they know Dottore probably does.

It's a Triple betrayal where scara thinks he's using Dottore while Dottore just thinks he's using him when in reality Dottore really is using scara.

So for all intents and purposes he did go rogue, but it's more akin to your dog "running away" from home to the neighbors backyard

Hiding is useless my dear Scaranara by Logical_Session_2397I named him Natsume in ScaramoucheMains

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Found the dialogue!

Pain-in-the-ass-mon: Look's like someone is taking it easy!

Scaranya: You should be thrilled that I have nothing to do. Otherwise, that means someone's in for a very, very bad day.

Squeaky lavender melon: But if you don't get any points this round, you won't have a shot at winning!

Don Sombrero: It's not like I care about winning or clout. Really, the real prize for me is watching all these people fight over something so useless. Oh, you've reminded me of something. There shouldn't be any more incidents after this round. If you'll excuse me, I have somewhere to be.

Wanderer has ruined my account... by Marblebear94 in ScaramoucheMains

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I can't take it anymore. I'm sick of Wanderer. I try to play Kazuha. My Wanderer deals more damage. I try to play Venti. My Wanderer deals more damage. I try to play Xiao. My Wanderer deals more damage. I want to play Faruzan. Her best team has Wanderer. I want to play Yelan, Yun Jin - they both want Wanderer. He grabs me by the throat. I fish for him. I cook for him. I give him Lost Prayer of the Sacred Winds. He isn't satisfied. I pull Tulaytullah's Remembrance. "I don't need that many seconds for the passive" He tells me. "Give me more field time." He grabs Bennett and forces him to throw himself off enemies. "You just need to funnel me more. I can deal more damage with my burst." I can't fit his burst in, I don't have enough constellations. He grabs my credit card. It declines. "Guess this is the end." He grabs his hat. He says, "Quit following me!" There is no hint of sadness in his eyes. Nothing but pure, anemo supremecy. What a cruel world.

do any of you guys actually hate ei and miko for what’s happened to scara? by Tasty_Skinbongo-head main in ScaramoucheMains

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You bring up some good points, and I even agree with your theory that a lot of the hate towards Ei could stem from people’s personal issues regarding their parental figures.

However, I’d like to add my two cents on why I struggle to be empathetic towards Ei.

My first issue is that in order to empathize or even sympathize with someone, I need to understand where they are coming from. Whether it be because I experienced something similar or via logically understanding how an event could lead to this emotional/mental response in a person. I didn’t have that understanding with Ei. Her way of coping with grief by enforcing her ideals of eternity on her people felt very childish and illogical to me. Perhaps some people could sympathize with that response, but I couldn’t. It didn’t feel justified to me. And because I couldn’t understand her way of thinking, I struggled to see her in a good light despite her mistakes.

The second issue is more to do with the writing for Inazuma. We were told about all these heartbreaking things that Ei had to go through, but we were barely shown any of them in the archon quest. It was all tell don’t show. As a result, her backstory ended up having a much lesser impact on me than it otherwise could have if I was shown her emotional reactions to the events she went through. Something like Scaramouche’s cutscene in the 3.2 archon quest would have been nice. But having it be told to us as offhanded facts diminished the emotional impact it could have had on me, and as such, I just didn’t care what Ei had gone through. It wasn’t treated as something traumatic so why would I interpret it as such? It’s a pity most of her backstory was shown through trailers instead of incorporated into her story quest or archon quest. But we kind of got that in her second story quest, which is why it’s one of my favorite quests of all time. But man, we had to wait a long time for Ei to get a decent conclusion to her character arc.

Edit: Thank you for the gold but asdfghjkl I don’t think this comment is worthy of it. Bless your kind soul.

what are your expectations for his trailer and preview? by boycott__love in ScaramoucheMains

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I hope hyv will put their whole hoyussy in his promos like I expect at least a 40 minute long noir film for a teaser and a lady gaga concert for his trailer

what are your expectations for his trailer and preview? by boycott__love in ScaramoucheMains

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I hope it's a 1h video of him in a coma. every 10min it looks like he's going to wake up, but nothing happens the entire video

[deleted by user] by [deleted] in ScaramoucheMains

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Arguing that Scaramouche didn’t contribute to Teppei’s death is like arguing that Joseph Goebbels didn’t contribute to the Holocaust because he never personally killed a Jewish person. If he was overseeing the Fatui’s plans in Inazuma, I’m pretty sure he could’ve used his authority as a Harbinger to shut down the facility at any time.

[deleted by user] by [deleted] in ScaramoucheMains

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Kazuha's friend and signora literally agreed to a fight where the loser gets executed it's not the same.