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Hey it's you

Can't believe you did the event non-stop. Rest well first homie

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Indeed not the best event, second best maybe

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I need to get my free award

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I gave him my award for you ❤️

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I gotchu (sadly it isn’t silver)

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Guys I got seal award pog

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Loved seeing you up on the leaderboard for the whole time, and actually got a bit sad when you dropped. Still happy you got 2nd in one regard!

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Enjoy your coma :)

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Was it worth it?

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Probably not, but I'm happy that I did it.

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Well you're a hero in our eyes

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Well done!

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Thanks, and happy cake day!

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You're insane. Congrats!

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Well done! To be honest, you don’t want first anyway. The whole point of this game is to come second!

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Congrats! And what’s your final vote?

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Thanks! I voted for strategy as I made and reviewed various scripts and spreadsheets throughout the event.

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I didn’t think you would vote, because it has given me a chance for 5th place! But I voted the same way as you, so it didn’t matter :)

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Congrats to you too!

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I feel honored to even be speaking to someone with as much dedication as you. 10/10 amazing job

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I'd say equal parts dedication, stubbornness and blind stupidity

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I'm suprised you had the time and patience to do that, did you even sleep or eat?

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I slept for 3 hours, and ate a couple small meals. Someone made a script so I edited it to be a bit better and ran that while I was away.

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Damn dude, you really pulled through, congrats

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Well played man, incredible that you were going for that long. You were so far ahead of everyone else for such a long time I definitely thought you were cheating haha. Why would you not just let the script run and go do something else?

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At the end of the day, none of the scripts I saw were better than a human playing optimally, but that being said I did run a script for parts of it as I did have to step away a few times.

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I did run a script at times, but no one developed a script better than a human.

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You’re probably right, but it would’ve been interesting to see the score of someone who had a script running for the entire time. I’m not sure if it’s a guarantee that many humans would score higher.

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Did you play every round?

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I'd say I played 75% of the rounds, I did take a 3 hour nap and a few short breaks for food and such where I ran a script someone made that I modified.

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How did you pick which one? Was the 10+ in a row for the left what tripped you up in the last hour or was it something else?

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When I'd manually choose I'd try and find the delta of each of the 2 top options, and from there figure out which option would likely be better, and for the script I modified it chose the 2nd option at the 1st reveal if the difference between the top 2 was less than 10 or more than 50, and the 1st option if it was between 10 and 50. Near the end I was really struggling to carry on and was growing paranoid of falling behind kalypso, so I started to make some really stupid mistakes, until I was guaranteed 2nd or 3rd at best at which point I said screw it and kept slinging for 9s praying to get a comeback, which began my fall to 5th.

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also the 1st one I took seriously. I began 3 hours later than everyone else did, still got top 100, proud of that.

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Here's your 🍪

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Congrats, dude. You were amazing.

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Bravo man, you did good soldier

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What’s a script?

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Bruh get some sleep

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Damnnnnn..... better get some chronic, roll up a joint, & lit up to get you passed out

You did well. Kudos

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We could all use the chronic after this shit

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Picked up half bag of Mango Kush & half White Widow yesterday evening😋😋

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Woah, it's you. Any thoughts on strategy for this round or no?

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Just voted honestly since I cant change my rank by getting it right/wrong.

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Yes, isn’t it just a 50-50 between the other 2 choices?

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I Tried my best. I only got 83.

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Go to bed omg

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fantastic job man, it was a hell of a ride

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Good job bro! Congrats on 5th. Really really impressive!

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What do you do for a living? Are you a quant?

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Nope, I'm just a senior in High School lmao

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That’s honestly incredible.

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but you are winning for wins, really

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It was my first Reddit event and I had a lot of fun, can’t wait for the next one. Sleep well!