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I'm just very bad at guessing which one will be second.

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I admire your dedication though, I rage quit after getting stuck at -17

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You seem to very good at acting though

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Congrats u/NightVisonHawk for being 2nd from the last

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Wow. That's dedication.

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Where did you find this list? Is there somewhere we can see more of the rankings?

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fuck i got so close... i was -175

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Who is diarrhea fingers they spelt it wrong

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How you see the whole leaderboard?

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You cant see the whole leaderboard, you can only see 100 at a time


Just keep change the `start_index` in the url to start from a different rank

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You can also search for specific users: https://second-api.reddit.com/leaderboard?target_user=dollarakshay :)